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About Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the largest of the Central American republics and is slightly bigger than the state of New York! It has a string of 40 volcanoes that stretch from the northwest to the southeast along the Pacific Coast. Lake Managua is the only freshwater lake where sharks have been known to live! However, they are rarely found in the lake today. Most Nicaraguans are mestizos which are persons of mixed European and Indian ancestry. There are almost 7 million people living in Nicaragua, with most living in the capital Managua. The primary language in Nicaragua is Spanish. Sadly, a majority of Nicaraguans do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ and of those that claim a religion adhere to Roman Catholicism. Brokenness is apparent in Nicaragua with a vast number of individuals struggling with addiction from alcohol and drugs.

Why serve in Nicaragua?

Church Membership

50% of the population adhere to Roman Catholicism. A minimal number of the 27% of the population identify with the Baptist Convention.

Baptist Churches

There are only 289 Baptist churches in the entire country.

Unique Features

Nicaragua is home to 40 volcanoes that stretch alongside the Pacific Coast. Lake Managua was often found to having living sharks in the freshwater. However, nowadays they are rarely seen.

Unreached People

Nicaraguans struggle with the hurt, pain, and physical destruction that alcohol and drugs bring. They have brokenness and are in need of the Savior Jesus Christ!


Our Focus

While in Nicaragua, the team will share the hope and true joy found in Jesus Christ through creative outreach, Vacation Bible School, and potentially building a home for a homeless family.

How to pray:

  •  Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of the people in Nicaragua to receive the Good News.
  • Pray for the people to respond and accept the hope and truth of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for healing of addiction throughout the country of Nicaragua.
  • Pray for the team to work well together and safe travels.
  • Pray for opportunities and wisdom to share the Gospel in a way that focuses on a real relationship with Jesus, not just a religion.