Completed Grades 9-12 by the start of project date.


July 6-14

Estimated Ground Cost - $800
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About Honduras

Most of the area is involved in the Catholic Church. The GoStudents team will go into the remote areas in the mountains to spread the Gospel. The team will provide families with water filters, which will give the team the opportunity to be invited into their homes to share how God is the Living Water that lives inside of those who are saved.


– The trip leader will communicate airfare information.

*Deadline of $800.00 to be paid by 05/01/2024

Deposit amount due with application: $75.00

Why serve in Honduras?

Million People

About 2/3 of the people are impoverished farm workers in a population of 10.28 million.

Roman Catholicism is the prevailing religion in Honduras, with more than half of the population proclaiming Catholicism.


Out of 542 Baptist Churches in Honduras, there are around 25,150 members.


Brokenness is apparent in Honduras with high rates of homelessness and addiction.


Our Focus

Help the local church meet the needs of the community while sharing the Gospel.

Who will we serve?

  • A village near the city of La Entrada.
  • Partner Organization: Youth For Christ Honduras.

What will we do?

Day 1 – travel day
Day 2 – water Filter installation
Day 3 – church, excursion, youth group
Day 4 – sports camp at host camp
Day 5 – music ministry at local schools
Day 6 – church service in the park
Day 7 – excursion
Day 8 – travel home

Certified Sending Partner:

Church: Sharon Baptist, Shawnee

Phone: 405-273-5502

Team Leader – Chris Thomas


Ministry Partner Youth For Christ Honduras

How to pray:

  • Pray for the people of Honduras we will be reaching and serving.
  • Pray that the hearts would be prepared to hear the gospel and that the language barrier would not hinder us or stumble us when sharing the gospel.
  • Pray that the team will work together and have safety as they travel.
  • Pray that the team will have the boldness to share the Gospel.
  • Pray that the individuals will see the need for Jesus Christ.