Advanced Men’s Ministry Training

AMMT is a manual for building your men's ministry

A war is being waged for the souls of men.

It is time faithful men band together to reach and disciple men in their church and community.

AMMT is a process driven men’s ministry model that equips men to reach and disciple men through the local church.  This training manual will guide men to:

  • Learn how to assemble a team for long-term ministry impact
  • Develop a discipleship strategy that impacts a man’s relationship with God, his family, his church and his world
  • Plan effective events that capture men with the right next steps
  • Learn how to support and encourage their pastor
  • Learn how to create a leadership engine that supports the vision and mission of your church


“Sadly, most men’s discipleship efforts are doomed to failure before they ever begin. Why is that? It is simply because they have reversed the order employed by the Master Himself, focusing primarily on behavior, urging men to faithfully follow certain prescribed patterns of behavior. While it is true that the evidence of Christ Lordship is found in our behavior, the essence  of Lordship is intimacy with Christ. Our Master does not initially call men to do certain things. Christ calls us to be with Him. “Follow me,” Christ urges, “and I will make you fishers of men.” The guide you now hold in your hand embraces this simple plan of our Lord’s. In it, you will find that Keith Burkhart’s passion to be both a disciple and a disciple maker is evident on every page. The material is scriptural, practical, tested and effective. I strongly encourage you to join the growing numbers of men who are already using Advanced Men’s Ministry Training as a roadmap to discipleship in your church.”


President Emeritus, Interntational Mission Board & Southern Baptist Convention

AMMT Group Resources

If you are using the Advanced Men’s Ministry Training Manual and need the resources outlined in the book click the button below to download them. These worksheets are meant to help you as you evaluate and plan your men’s ministry. The PDF is password protected and you can find the password to open the document within the AMMT Manual.