Help for Afghan Refugee Families

Now that more than 122,000 people in danger have been airlifted from Afghanistan to escape the Taliban ruled country, hundreds are headed to Oklahoma to find refuge. Oklahoma Baptists are ready to care for these families as they rebuild their lives.

Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies.

 Hebrew 13:3

What’s the situation?

Refugees have begun flying into Oklahoma’s metro areas. Through the State Missions Offering, Oklahoma Baptists are strategically partnering with local churches to serve these families in need.

Oklahoma Baptist churches may adopt an Afghan family long term as they resettle. An average Afghan family arriving to the United States has five members. Many families have young children under the age of fourteen. In some situations, mothers are traveling alone with children while their husband remains in Afghanistan.

How Your Church Can Help

  • Prayer is a powerful response to people in need. Lead your church by uniting in prayer with the Send Relief Afghan Refugee Prayer Guide.
  • Consider giving to the State Missions Offering as these dollars are used to impact lostness in our state. We have a great opportunity to shine the light of Christ in the darkness.
  • If your church desires to serve refugees, fill out this interest form below. We will stay in contact with you as opportunities arise for churches to care for refugees.