Style Guide

Our Logo

Our logo is a symbol of who we are as Oklahoma Baptists.

Advancing the Gospel together looks like hands-on help, sound doctrine and teaching, church mobilization for a cause… and a great logo. Seriously. We represent Christ in all we do, so we want to reflect His creativity and good taste. These standards were created to highlight the thought behind the way we do things, guide further asset creation, and allow for creative freedom.

The Basics

Clear Space

Clear space is 1/2 the height of the logo. This distance is measured from the outermost point of the logo in each direction.

Tagline Version

The tagline version of the logo should only be used at larger sizes, when the tagline will be readable.

Color Backgrounds

Only use the full-color version of our logo on a solid white background. For other applications, use solid Dark Navy or solid White, depending on which offers more contrast with the background.

See our brand colors for details.

Image Backgrounds

When placing our logo on top of an image, use a solid White version of the logo, and apply a 20% black tint to the image.



Use for large headings and short, standalone text. Anything larger than 16pt should be set in Metropolis.

HK Grotesk

Use for paragraphs and long-form text. Anything smaller than 16pt should be set in HK Grotesk.


Dark Navy

HSL 196 100 22

Tensor Blue

HSL 206 100 80

Accent Yellow

HSL 36 100 64

Accent Red

HSL 4 100 61

Accent Green

HSL 165 100 69

Accent Purple

HSL 266 40 67

Accent Pink

HSL 324 85 87
PANTONE Rhodamine Red C

Dark Grey

HSL 207 18 43

Slate Grey

HSL 200 10 69
PANTONE 303C @37%

Light Grey

HSL 200 5 82
PANTONE 303C @20%

Ultralight Grey

HSL 204 2 89
PANTONE 303C @12%


HSL 0 0 100

Please Don’t…

Change the color of our logo

Add a subtitle or tagline

Add elements

Add a drop shadow

Add special effects

Put an image inside our logo

Place other logos inside the clear space

Rearrange the elements

Squeeze, stretch, or rotate our logo

Use in a sentence

Pair the icon with copy or headlines

Type out our name and use it as the logo - even in our brand fonts

Use on a background with insufficient contrast

Place our logo inside of a shape

Use our old logo

The Oklahoma Baptists Family

These logos represent our five signature ministries. While the work of Oklahoma Baptists extends far beyond these, they have a story and brand that is furthered by a mark tying them back to us. These logos should be treated with the same respect as our Oklahoma Baptists logo.

  • The Baptist Messenger
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministries
  • Falls Creek Conference Centers
  • The Robert Haskins School of Christian Ministry
  • Oklahoma Disaster Relief


Oklahoma Baptists are a team, and we are organized around working together, offering accountability. So don’t go rogue! If you have a question about any of these standards, don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of our creative group.


Sometimes we need a quick refresher!

Download or print out this quick-reference style guide to keep on hand for when the need arises.