5 Design Tips that Help

Great design is important in today’s world for making great first impressions, in maintaining  effective communication, and in creating memorable content. Here are some tips that might help you raise the level of excellence in your ministry!

KIS- Keep It Simple | Modern design requires simplicity and a “Less is more” vibe. Don’t feel like you have to have ALL the colors with ALL the fonts with ALL the imagery.

Font | DaFont.com is your friend! Try to stick close to san serif fonts, they are very trendy right now and easy to read across all mediums. For print, stick to font size 11. For web or SM stick to font size 14. Do not have more than two different fonts
on one design.

Imagery | Always use imagery. Cartoons and graphics are great, but background images are very eye catching and emotionally drawing. Don’t be afraid to use black and white images with color text over it.

Video | The more you can utilize the Boomerang app or brief video tools of the like, the better! Video or even flip book effects are valuable in Social Media posts.

Focus | What is the main thing you want to communicate? If you can have three things on your design and communicate that message clearly, you have achieved a high cause of design. Answer What, When, and Where first. If there’s extra space, THEN you can add more info.

Easy to use social media design tools:
Over Boomerang Layout infiltr Spark Post
Ripl Legend WordSwag VSCO Canva

For a deeper look: Design Tutorials can be found at Lynda.com

What have you found that is helpful in your print or social media design?


Content submitted by Hannah Hanzel, BGCO Communications Team