Communication 101

Communication can make or break you. Here are some tips that will help you communicate effectively in your ministry and in your church.

Think in tweets.
In this social media age, the attention span of readers and viewers is as short as ever. Try to be clear but concise.

Slow to Speak.
When dealing with controversial issues, wait. Don’t react right away. Think about what you want to say and pray, before you respond, if you even need to.

Spread the Wealth.
Use multiple media platforms. Don’t discount traditional media like print or mail, even as you use website and social media to promote.

Be edifying.
In all communications, avoid sarcasm or joking remarks, which don’t always translate well.

Create Visual Interest. Use multi-media. If writing a story, consider doing a video with it. If doing a video, think of using other media to accompany
the message

What other communication tips have you found helpful?


Content submitted by Brian Hobbs, BGCO Communications Director