Effective Family Groups

Guest Entry by Stefan Valdez, FBC Sayre

Several elements in your Falls Creek experience, when done right, can move your students’ week from good to GREAT! One of those elements is working to have effective family groups. Here are a few things to consider when planning for effective family groups:


Know your leaders, and comply with the required background checks as stated in the Falls Creek statement of compliance form. Considers co-leaders (i.e. adult leader paired with a college sponsor of same gender). This often helps with energy but also provides wisdom to handle difficult conversations. You might also want to find a way to use older students to assist with family groups. It is a great place to encourage student leaders and provide them with opportunities. 

Group Size

An ideal group size is between 8-10 students per family group, this helps everyone to engage more in conversation which can really help with group bonding. Consider personalities when assigning your groups (both adults & students).


Meeting Times

Decide in your daily schedule when “family group” times will occur. (As a part of Morning In-Cabin Bible Study, during lunch, after Evening In-Cabin Wrap Up)

Consider sitting together as a family group during meals, in-cabin study times, or worship services.

Consider taking your family group to a breakout(s), the Missions Center, the Prayer Garden, or one of the many recreation venues available at Falls Creek.


Creative Ideas

Bring some type of candy or snack for each group to have while they meet.

Name your groups to go along with your in-cabin theme.

Come up with a daily challenge(s) and award points based on creativity and participation.

Utilize your family groups for KP/Bathroom clean up duties on a rotation throughout the week.

Most of all have fun and encourage your leaders to facilitate (not dominate) conversation within each group. 

What are some other things you do to make family groups effective?


Guest Entry by Stefan Valdez, FBC Sayre