2023 Annual Meeting

November 13-14, 2023

Del City, First Southern Baptist Church


Dr. Todd Fisher
Michael Staton
Chris Wall

*See Bios Below*

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Philippians 4:8


117th Annual Meeting

Oklahoma Baptists

First Southern Baptist Church, Del City

November 13-14, 2023

THEME:  Focused

Chris Wall, President

Jon Johnston, First Vice President

Mark Hall, Second Vice President

Pastors Conference

More information including a schedule can be found here.


Chris Wall, Presiding

6:20         Pre-Session Music – Colton Seamans and Worship Team

6:30         Call to Order – Chris Wall

    • Greetings from Host Pastor Keith Burkhart
    • Scripture – Abraham Wright
    • Prayer – Vickey Banks
    • Recognition of Special Guests – Joe Ligon

6:40         Worship in Song – Colton Seamans and Worship Team

6:50         Cooperative Program Focus Todd Fisher

7:05         Business Session

    • Appointment of Committees – Chris Wall
    • Report of Credentials Committee – Chris Carlisle

7:15         Worship in Song – Colton Seamans and Worship Team

7:25         Executive Director-Treasurer’s Address – Todd Fisher

8:00        Closing Prayer – Blake Martin


Jon Johnston, Presiding

9:00        Pre-Session Music – Micah Kersh and OK Worship Collective Band

9:15         Call to Order – Jon Johnston

    • Worship in Song – Micah Kersh and OK Worship Collective Band
    • Scripture – Collin Coffee
    • Prayer – Jordan Stowe

9:25          Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children – James Swain

9:35        WatersEdge – Robert Kellogg

9:45          Business Session – Chris Wall

    • Financial Plan Presentation – Russell Duck
    • Election of Officers – Chris Wall
    • Report of Nominating Committee – Mike Murray
    • Constitution & Bylaws Review and Revision Task Force Report – Luke Holmes
    • Report of Board of Directors – Todd Fisher

10:45           Worship in Song – Micah Kersh and OK Worship Collective Band

10:55           President’s Address – Chris Wall

11:25            Closing Prayer – Americo Alvarado


Mark Hall, Presiding

1:15           Pre-Session Music – Micah Kersh and OK Worship Collective Band

1:30          Call to Order – Mark Hall

    • Scripture – Pike Butler
    • Prayer – Amber Hudler

1:40           Baptist Village Communities – Bill Pierce

1:50           Oklahoma Baptist University – Heath Thomas

2:00          Cooperative Program – Todd Fisher

2:10           Business Session – Chris Wall

    • Election of Officers – Chris Wall
    • Report of the Resolutions Committee – Chad Balthrop
    • Miscellaneous Business

2:40          Worship in Song – Micah Kersh and OK Worship Collective Band

2:50          Annual Sermon – Michael Staton

    • Alternate – Mike Keahbone

3:20          Recognition of Outgoing Officers/Presentation of Newly Elected Officers – Todd Fisher

3:25           Closing Prayer – Jennifer Barnett

Program Personnel


Alvarado, Americo — member, Piedmont, First

Balthrop, Chad — executive pastor, Owasso, First; chairman, Resolutions Committee, Oklahoma Baptists

Banks, Vickey — women’s minister, Bethany, Council Road

Barnett, Jennifer — education minister, Seminole, Indian Nations

Burkhart, Keith – pastor, Del City, First Southern

Butler, Pike — member, Chickasha, First

Carlisle, Chris — pastor, Sweetwater, First; chairman, Credentials Committee, Oklahoma Baptists

Coffee, Collin – pastor, Inola, Calvary

DeGiacomo, Jeff — pastor, Shawnee, Immanuel; chairman, Credentials Committee, Oklahoma Baptists

Duck, Russell — member, Elk City, First; chairman, Financial Committee, Oklahoma Baptists

Fisher, Todd — executive director-treasurer, Oklahoma Baptists

Hall, Mark — pastor, Comanche, First; second vice president, Oklahoma Baptists

Holmes, Luke – pastor, Duncan, Immanuel; chairman, Constitution & Bylaws Revision and Review Task Force, Oklahoma Baptists

Hudler, Amber — children’s minister, Owasso, First

Johnston, Jon — pastor, Oklahoma City, Exchange Avenue; first vice president, Oklahoma Baptists

Keahbone, Mike — pastor, Lawton, First

Kellogg, Robert — chief executive officer, WatersEdge, Oklahoma Baptists

Kersh, Micah —worship minister, Newcastle, First

Ligon, Joe — senior associate executive director, Oklahoma Baptists

Martin, Blake — pastor, Shawnee, Wallace Avenue

Murray, Mike – pastor, Tahlequah, First; chairman, Nominating Committee, Oklahoma Baptists

Pierce, Bill — president, Baptist Village Communities, Oklahoma Baptists

Seamans, Colton — worship minister, Del City, First Southern

Staton, Michael — pastor, Mustang, First

Stowe, Jordan — pastor, Sand Springs, Angus Acres

Swain, James — president, Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, Oklahoma Baptists

Thomas, Heath — president, Oklahoma Baptist University, Oklahoma Baptists

Wall, Chris — pastor, Owasso, First; president, Oklahoma Baptists

Wright, Abraham — teaching pastor, Bethany, Council Road

Cavin, C.J. — member, Edmond, Henderson Hills; parliamentarian 


Scrivani, Mike — pastor, Bartlesville, Highland Park; chairman, Tellers Committee 


Is your church planning on sending elected Messengers to the Oklahoma Baptists Annual Meeting?

The Oklahoma Baptists Annual Meeting consists of church members who are elected as messengers to represent their local church body in business decisions during the Annual Meeting.

Only elected messengers have voting privileges at the Annual Meeting. Church members interested in serving as a messenger should contact their church office for information on becoming an elected messenger. Every elected messenger will receive a messenger booklet and voting ballots upon checking in at the Annual Meeting. Messenger pre-registration is open for churches to register their elected messengers prior to the Annual Meeting, allowing for a quick and easy on-site check-in process.

Online Pre-Registration closes at 9am, Nov 10

Online pre-registration is open and available on the SBC Workspace website. To access pre-registration visit www.sbcworkspace.com and login with your church username and password.

For questions regarding access to SBC Workspace please contact Kdie Nix at 405.942.3800 ext. 4552.

2023 Resolutions / 2023 Resoluciones 

Resolution No. 1

On Appreciation to Host Church for the 2023 Annual Meeting

We, the messengers to the 2023 Annual Meeting of Oklahoma Baptists, meeting at First Southern Baptist Church, Del City, Oklahoma, November 13-14, 2023, express our appreciation to Pastor Keith Burkhart and to the staff and congregation of First Southern Del City for the countless hours in support and preparation for this convention meeting. We recognize this church for serving as a model of genuine Christian hospitality for this meeting, and we offer our prayers for God’s continued blessing in future Gospel ministry.

(John 13:35; Phil. 1:3; I Thess. 5:11)

Resolución No. 1

Sobre el agradecimiento a la Iglesia anfitriona para la Reunión Anual 2023

Nosotros, los mensajeros de la Reunión Anual de los Bautistas de Oklahoma 2023, reunidos en la Iglesia Bautista First Southern, Del City, Oklahoma, del 13 al 14 de noviembre del 2023, expresamos nuestro agradecimiento al Pastor Keith Burkhart y al personal y la congregación de First Southern Del City por las innumerables horas de apoyo y preparación para esta reunión de la convención. Reconocemos a esta iglesia por servir como un modelo de hospitalidad cristiana genuina para esta reunión, y ofrecemos nuestras oraciones por la bendición continua de Dios en el futuro ministerio del Evangelio.

(Juan 13:35; Filipenses 1:3; I Tesalonicenses 5:11)

Resolution No. 2

On Gratitude for the $1 Billion Cumulative Giving through the Cooperative Program by the Churches of Oklahoma Baptists

We, the messengers to the 2023 Annual Meeting of Oklahoma Baptists, meeting at First Southern Baptist Church, Del City, Oklahoma, November 13-14, 2023, thank the Lord for this historic milestone. In February of 2023, the churches of Oklahoma Baptists surpassed $1 billion in cumulative giving through the Cooperative Program, which was created by Southern Baptists in 1925.  The churches of Oklahoma Baptists have financially supported Kingdom causes in this way for nearly 100 years. Throughout the decades, churches of all sizes across Oklahoma have continually, faithfully, and generously given to missions and ministry supported in Oklahoma and around the globe through the Cooperative Program. These billion dollars have had an incalculable positive Gospel impact on the lives of countless individuals and have enabled missionaries to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to some of the darkest, hardest to reach places. This giving milestone represents the very heart of Oklahoma Baptists to cooperate and to advance the Gospel together.

(Acts 1:8; Acts 2:44-47; II Cor. 8-9; 3 John 6-8)

Resolución No. 2

Sobre la Gratitud por las Donaciones Acumuladas de mil millones de dólares a través del Programa Cooperativo por las Iglesias Bautistas de Oklahoma

Nosotros, los mensajeros de la Reunión Anual de los Bautistas de Oklahoma 2023, reunidos en la Iglesia Bautista First Southern, Del City, Oklahoma, del 13 al 14 de noviembre de 2023, damos gracias al Señor por este logro histórico. En febrero del 2023, las iglesias Bautistas de Oklahoma superaron los mil millones de dólares en donaciones acumuladas a través del Programa Cooperativo, que fue creado por los Bautistas del Sur en 1925.  Las iglesias Bautistas de Oklahoma han apoyado financieramente las causas del Reino de esta manera durante casi 100 años. A lo largo de las décadas, las iglesias de todos los tamaños en Oklahoma han contribuido de manera continua, fiel y generosa a las misiones y al ministerio apoyado en Oklahoma y en todo el mundo a través del Programa Cooperativo. Estos mil millones de dólares han tenido un impacto positivo incalculable en la vida de innumerables personas y han permitido a los misioneros llevar el Evangelio de Jesucristo a algunos de los lugares más oscuros y difíciles de alcanzar. Este logro representa el corazón mismo de los Bautistas de Oklahoma para cooperar y avanzar juntos el Evangelio.

(Hechos 1:8; Hechos 2:44-47; II Corintios 8-9; 3 Juan 6-8)

Resolution No. 3


Prayer Support for Oklahoma Baptist University

We, the messengers to the 2023 Annual Meeting of Oklahoma Baptists, meeting at First Southern Baptist Church, Del City, Oklahoma, November 13-14, 2023, lift up in prayer Oklahoma Baptist University, which sustained severe tornado damage to its campus on April 19, 2023. We thank the Lord that there were no reported injuries or loss of lives during this storm that caused the worst damage to the campus in the University’s storied 113-year history. We commend OBU President Dr. Heath Thomas for his remarkable leadership during this time of crisis and appreciate all the OBU leaders, faculty, and students for the godly spirit of resilience and resourcefulness they have demonstrated in the face of such a disaster. We express gratitude for all who came to help in the aftermath of the storm including Oklahoma Baptists Disaster Relief volunteers including many others from across the state. We pray for the continued recovery of the Shawnee community as they were widely impacted. While the process to go from “wreckage to renewal” will take years, as well as millions of dollars, we know the Lord will continue to bless and provide for OBU now and in the years to come. Oklahoma Baptists today express our support, love, and prayers for the Bison family.

(Psalm 34:18; Matt. 7:24-27; Phil. 1:19)

Resolución No. 3

Apoyo a la Oración para la Universidad Bautista de Oklahoma

Nosotros, los mensajeros de la Reunión Anual de los Bautistas de Oklahoma 2023, reunidos en la Iglesia Bautista First Southern, Del City, Oklahoma, del 13 al 14 de noviembre del 2023, levantamos en oración a la Universidad Bautista de Oklahoma, que sufrió graves daños por el tornado en sus instalaciones el 19 de abril del 2023. Damos gracias al Señor porque no se reportaron heridos o pérdidas de vidas durante esta tormenta que causó el peor daño al campus en los 113 años de historia de la Universidad. Felicitamos al presidente de OBU, el Dr. Heath Thomas, por su notable liderazgo durante este tiempo de crisis y agradecemos a todos los líderes, profesores y estudiantes de OBU por el espíritu piadoso de flexibilidad e ingenio que han demostrado frente a tal desastre. Expresamos nuestra gratitud a todos los que vinieron a ayudar después de la tormenta, incluyendo a los voluntarios de Oklahoma Baptists Disaster Relief y a muchos otros de todo el estado. Oramos por la recuperación continua de la comunidad de Shawnee, ya que se vieron ampliamente afectados. Si bien el proceso para pasar de “escombros a renovación” tomará años, así como millones de dólares, sabemos que el Señor continuará bendiciendo y proveyendo para OBU ahora y en los años venideros. Los Bautistas de Oklahoma hoy expresamos nuestro apoyo, amor y oraciones por la familia Bison.

(Salmo 34:18; Mateo 7:24-27; Filipenses 1:19.)


Michael Staton (Doctor of Ministry in Expository Preaching, The Master’s Seminary) is the Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Mustang, Oklahoma, where he has served since 2000.

He has been married to Marcy since 1996, and they have two married adult sons. Michael also serves a preaching mentor for The Master’s Seminary and the MacArthur Center for Expository Preaching and is a regular online contributor for TMS.org. For sermons, books he has authored, and other resources, visit his ministry website at everywordpreached.com.

Michael Staton, FBC Mustang

Chris Wall, FBC Owasso

Chris has served in Oklahoma Baptist churches since November 1990. He is currently the pastor at FBC Owasso moving there in 2012 from student ministry at Council Road Baptist Church.

He is currently a trustee for the IMB and is in his second year as the President of Oklahoma Baptists. He married Robin in 1994 and they have been blessed with a growing family: Emily and Nathan Kuykendall, Eric and Chloe Wall, and their youngest Maggie who is a student at OBU. Thanks to Emily and Nathan, Chris is now married to a grandmother of two incredible blessings which has become a highlight in life.   



Del City, First Southern

6400 S Sooner Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73135


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