Ethics & Religious Liberty (ERLC)

Letter from Brian Hobbs

Thank you for visiting the Ethics & Religious Liberty Committee (ERLC) home page. In these challenges times within the culture, how can Christians make an impact with the Gospel?

Many churches in Oklahoma have established an ERLC committee or contact within their congregation, to help make them aware of critical moral and ethical issues that affect Christian life.

At the state level, Oklahoma’s ERLC Committee, which consists of committee members elected by Oklahoma Baptists annual meeting messengers and select Oklahoma Baptists staff, exists to alert and serve as a resource for Oklahoma’s Southern Baptist Churches and Associations regarding moral and ethical issues that affect families, churches, communities and the nation.

We sincerely hope this web page offers resources to your church that are edifying and useful. We would love to serve with you and stand ready to assist your church.

Sincerely in Christ


Brian Hobbs
Editor, Baptist Messenger
ERLC Committee Liaison for Oklahoma Baptists

Contact Your Legislator

Gather phone numbers, email addresses and other information about Oklahoma legislators on the Web at A directory of Representatives and Senators from any legislator’s office is available at the capital.


If Internet access is unavailable, call:
The House switchboard at:
(405) 521-2711or (800) 522-8502

The Senate switchboard at: (405) 524-0126

Should you write, fax or email a Representative or Senator:

(Your legislator’s name)
Oklahoma State Senate or House
State Capitol Building
2300 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

In order to be effective in influencing legislation, the right people must be contacted in the right way.

Always be polite and identify:

  • who you are
  • where you live
  • your address
  • your phone number

Do this for every form of communication you use – a call, fax or email without this information will be ignored by most legislators. Never cover more than one bill at a time, and be brief, but polite. You may contact a legislature by phone, fax, email or mail, but it is best to use three methods of communication. By contacting a legislator and key people, (such as committee chairs and members and conferees) a powerful message is sent that a certain bill or issue is important to Oklahomans. Remember, a non-voter or person who lives outside the legislator’s district carries less weight than a voter who lives in the district, but all communication is important. If the line is busy… do not give up.

Foster Care Grants

Through the generous giving of Oklahoma Baptist churches, we are able to offer grants for foster care ministry in our state, showing the compassionate love of Got to children and families in need.

Rose Day

Each year, hundreds gather at the Capitol at the beginning of the new legislative session to promote and support the lives of unborn babies by meeting with their state senators and representatives and presenting them red roses, which represent the sanctity of the unborn.

Sanctity of Life Sunday

As Southern Baptists, we have strongly held beliefs, grounded in Scripture, regarding the sanctity and value of all human life. We believe every person’s life, from conception to natural death, is created in the image of God (Gen. 1:27).

2020-2021 Committee Members

Mrs. Mona Adkinson

Seminole, OK

Seminole, First Baptist Church

Reverend Tim Hare

Vian, OK

Blackgum, First Baptist Church

Reverend Jarrod Kendall

Wynnewood, OK

Wynnewood, First Baptist Church

Reverend Kenny Mossman

Norman, OK

OKC Emmaus, First Baptist Church

Reverend Tim Prock

Collinsville, OK

Collinsville, First Baptist Church

Reverend Ryan Redwine

Oklahoma City, OK

OKC, Village Church

Reverend Jeremy Smith

Midwest City, OK

Midwest City, Eastwood Baptist Church

Reverend Ryan Smith

Stillwater, OK

Stillwater, Eagle Heights Baptist Church

Mrs. Mitzi Woodson

Stigler, OK

Stigler, First Baptist Church

ERLC Liaison

Mr. Brian Hobbs

Oklahoma City, OK

OKC, Quail Springs Baptist Church

Ex Officio Board Members

Dr. Joe Ligon

Interim Executive Director-Treasurer

Oklahoma Baptists

Dr. Todd Fisher

Senior Pastor – Shawnee, Immanuel Baptist Church

Oklahoma Baptists President