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To serve and support Oklahoma Baptist churches by providing them resources that will help enable each church to be strong and healthy and assist them to conduct gospel ministries in their community context. To encourage and equip pastors, church staff, and other ministry leaders to help them fulfill God’s calling on their lives in service to Christ’s church. To carry out state convention ministries in a way that is church-centered and gospel-focused.

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37: Longevity in Ministry

It’s not how you begin, but how you finish! We have heard this said about sports, politics and certainly about ministry. With burnout and dropout seemingly on the rise, pastors need encouragement and wisdom to run strong all the way to the finish line of ministry. Today on Feeding and Leading, Dr. Ted Kersh joins Todd and Andy to share his experience, practices, and insights into longevity in a single church and ministry for a lifetime.

Feeding & Leading
Feeding & Leading
37: Longevity in Ministry

Abuse Prevention & Response Guide

While the answers to these questions are complex, this guide is designed to provide general principles that can be a starting point for church leaders who are working to implement effective abuse prevention and response policies and practices.

View Cooperative Program Reports from 2022

Discover how your church’s giving through the Cooperative Program is impacting our state, our nation and our world. Read brief updates from Oklahoma Baptists, IMB and NAMB that you can share with your church in the Cooperative Program Impact Report.

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