GoStudents Network

Oklahoma Baptists have sent thousands of students on mission trips here, near, and far since 2002. In recent years, GoStudents has grown exponentially, and for that we give thanks to God and celebrate! Oklahoma Baptists has a long history of assisting churches in getting their students to the mission field. That objective still remains, but in order to continue to grow it must take on a new structure.

Our Mission

The goal of GoStudents Network is to inspire, equip, and empower Oklahoma Baptist churches to adopt and conduct youth mission trips with SBC missionaries, church planters, and ministry leaders. This new structure will allow for the mobilization of exponentially more students to get on the mission field.


Create awareness of lostness here, near, and far

Equip for readiness with training and resources

Go in obedience to the mission field

Champion a lifetime of missions beyond the short term


Whether abroad or in our state, students 6th grade and up have multiple opportunities to participate in the advancement of the Gospel. Have mission trip experience? Even better!  

The out-of-state projects are for students who have completed 9th-12th grade and range from North America to around the world. The Oklahoma Projects are for students who have completed 6th-12th grade that want to see God’s kingdom advance in our state!

GoStudents Mission Training

GoStudents Training is now partnering with Global Missions to create a comprehensive missions conference that inspires, equips, and mobilizes missions participants and leaders of all ages for short term or long-term missions HERE, NEAR, and FAR!

Let’s join together in advancing the Gospel. Send one. Take one. Be one. April 5th is for any adult interested in becoming or is currently planning to lead a mission team for students and/or adults. April 6th is for everyone; interested, going, adult, or student!

Need some help planning a student mission trip?

Get a FREE copy of the Pathway To Short Term Missions E-book!

Organizing a student mission trip may seem overwhelming if your focus isn’t directed toward the essential details. We’re confident this guide will alleviate the initial stress for you, your leaders, and your students. This short 22 page E-book steps you through:

    • Considering a trip
    • Preliminary arrangements
    • Finding out who is interested
    • Launching official sign ups
    • Preparing your trip
    • Preparing your team
    • Going on your trip
    • Evaluation and debrief