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We are so glad you are here! This is a place for encouragement in the realities of ministry wife life as we keep our hearts tethered to Jesus and advance the gospel together!


5 Markers of a Healthy Ministry Wife

So often, I come face-to-face with things in myself that aren't very cute or healthy. I'm thankful that God grows us. I'm thankful that He is patient with us as we grow. Let's grow TOGETHER.  Let's grow beyond the junk of unhealthiness.  Let's grow beyond being stuck...
Am I Healthy?

Am I Healthy?

Over the summer when I turned 21, I backpacked Europe for 6 weeks with 2 other girlfriends. It was pre-9/11 and a trip of a lifetime! Two thirds of us were working through break-ups, so many...

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Calling the Ugly Out

Calling the Ugly Out

It's so interesting to me that often my biggest strength can have an UGLY SIDE and can also be my biggest vice. Have you found that to be true?  Here's what I mean... One of my strengths is being...

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God’s Kindness in Prison Places

God’s Kindness in Prison Places

I have always loved the story of Joseph. But, it's not an easy story to read. It is laden with heartache, hurt, betrayal, disappointment, accusations, and jealousy.  I don't love it for the drama. I...

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Zoom Coffees: Returning January 2022

Small Group

In this private group, we offer Biblical encouragments about the ministry life through relevant conversations and share resources and events.

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for practical encouragements in ministry life!


Christian counseling is a wonderful tool God uses to help untangle some of our internal mess with a trained professional.

Oklahoma Baptists Counseling support is provided through the Edna McMillan State Mission Offering to help cover the costs for ministry families through short-term, solution-focused therapy.

For more information regarding counseling support, contact the Church Relations office at: 405-942-3800 or email Amy at:

About Us

Our mission is to encourage and support ministry wives towards healthiness and family wellness through connection, care, and biblical encouragement.

Amy Petersen

For over 20 years, Amy served alongside her husband on church staffs in Oklahoma, Texas, and South Carolina teaching and discipling women of all ages. Currently, she serves as the Ministry Wives Ministry Partner for the Oklahoma Baptists where she loves and supports women whose husbands serve in the 1,600 Southern Baptist churches across Oklahoma.

Her husband serves as Vice President of Campus Life and Dean of Students at Oklahoma Baptist University, and their family of 3 boys (ages 19, 16, 10) reside in Edmond, OK.

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