Ministry Wives

We are so glad you are here! This is a place for encouragement in the realities of ministry wife life as we keep our hearts tethered to Jesus and advance the gospel together!

Upcoming Events

Ministers Wives Luncheon 2022

June 14, 2022 @ Marriott Hotel Platinum Ballroom, Anaheim, CA

Cost: Free

If you are attending the SBC in Anaheim, CA in June, you are invited to the annual Ministers Wives Luncheon!

We have a seat for YOU at one of our Oklahoma Baptist tables.

It’s a FREE gift to our Oklahoma Baptist Ministry Wives and paid for by the Cooperative Program. 

To reserve your seat, click the button below to register. Once you complete this form, you will be registered! More details to follow in May.

Ministry Wives Weekend

Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, 2020 in the OKC Metro

Cost: TBD

You are invited to our annual Ministry Wives Weekend. Save the Date: more details to come.


How To Get a Better Grip On Your Emotions

Many years ago as a young pastor’s wife, I remember asking my mom how I could get a better grip on my emotions. I felt like my heart and thoughts were all over the place, and it was driving me crazy! She walked over to her bookshelf, pulled out a book, flipped it...
Don’t Let Shame Speak To You Like That

Don’t Let Shame Speak To You Like That

Ugh. I messed up again. I’m a terrible ministry wife. One of the most oppressive emotions for me in ministry is shame. It doesn’t take much to feel like I’ve failed miserably...again: I should have...

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3 Healthy Ways To Manage With Your Emotions

3 Healthy Ways To Manage With Your Emotions

Emotional health seems like a lofty dream to me. I’ve felt way UNDER-qualified to have this conversation because my emotions are all over the place. But here's what I've come to  realize: emotions...

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For ministry wives, Sunday mornings can present a unique and challenging experience as they head into the beautiful messiness of ministry. We need prayer. Here is a collection of weekly Sunday Morning Prayers in 2022 with new additions made every month.

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Ways to Connect


Zoom Coffees: We are all so busy, but we still need connection. I’d love to hear your story, offer ministry life coaching, and to pray for you. It’s over Zoom, come-as-you-are, bring your own coffee, and 30-45 mins tops!

Small Group

In this private group, we offer Biblical encouragments about the ministry life through relevant conversations and share resources and events.


April: Women’s Retreat

June: SBC Ministers’ Wives Luncheon

September: Ministry Wives Weekend

November: Annual Convention

January: Advance Conference

Resources for Ministry Wives

Discover books, podcasts, and websites
for practical encouragements in ministry life!


Christian counseling is a wonderful tool God uses to help untangle some of our internal mess with a trained professional.

Oklahoma Baptists Counseling support is provided through the Edna McMillan State Mission Offering to help cover the costs for ministry families through short-term, solution-focused therapy.

For more information regarding counseling support, contact the Church Relations office at: 405-942-3800 or email Amy at:

About Us

Our mission is to encourage and support ministry wives towards healthiness and family wellness through connection, care, and biblical encouragement.

Amy Petersen

For over 20 years, Amy served alongside her husband on church staffs in Oklahoma, Texas, and South Carolina teaching and discipling women of all ages. Currently, she serves as the Ministry Wives Ministry Partner for the Oklahoma Baptists where she loves and supports women whose husbands serve in the 1,600 Southern Baptist churches across Oklahoma.

Her husband serves as Vice President of Campus Life and Dean of Students at Oklahoma Baptist University, and their family of 3 boys (ages 19, 16, 10) reside in Edmond, OK.

Connect with Amy