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Great Day Sunday

Dear Pastor,

Great Day Sunday is a tool that you can use to mobilize the church to be actively inviting the unchurched to attend.  On October 29th, 2023 churches all across the state will join together in reaching people for Christ.  We have long recognized the organization of Sunday school as an effective means to mobilize the church to reach the unchurched.

Great Day Sunday is a simple plan to implement because it uses elements that most churches are already familiar with.  The goal is to have great attendance and great fellowship in Sunday school and the worship service.   One church implemented the program this past fall and had a wonderful experience with outstanding results.  Average Sunday school attendance prior to the campaign was 82 and now the average attendance six months after the campaign is 105.  The chairman of deacons said the church needed “something” to get it back on track after COVID.

Throughout Oklahoma Baptist’s history, we have used high-attendance campaigns as a tool in the effort of evangelism.  We should never underestimate what God can do in a lost person when they hear the gospel taught and preached.  It is my hope that you can use this tool to cultivate a desire in the hearts of your church members to be busy inviting people to Sunday school and worship.   Plan Great Day Sunday with the expectation that God will do a mighty work in and through your church.

In His Name,
Dr. Philip Jones


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