Chaplaincy is the most effective means of reaching secular society because there are times chaplains can go where the church cannot go. Chaplaincy provides many opportunities to extend the ministry of the local church beyond the “four walls” of the church facility.

7 Areas of Oklahoma Baptist Chaplaincy

There are seven major areas of ministry in chaplaincy:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Pastoral counseling
  3. Law enforcement
  4. Corrections
  5. Military
  6. Corporate/industry
  7. Disaster relief
Each of these areas of chaplaincy provides opportunities for full-time, part-time, and volunteer participation of ministry oriented persons. Each of these categories of chaplain ministry also provides the opportunity for the local church and its staff to extend their ministry into the community that may otherwise be closed to them. Christ modeled worship and ministry.


Not only beneficial for my chaplaincy, but life.

Greatly appreciate the opportunity and the information to seek how God is directing myself and church ministry.

Very grateful for the generous, friendly, supportive help of all involved.

I’m thankful we have people that care enough to make me better.

Dr. Paget is the BEST

Greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn and find ways to apply the information to our church ministries and within our community.

Dr. Paget has a great way of teaching the class.  Thank you.

Dr. Naomi Paget did an exceptional job.  I had heard about her from a chaplain friend of mine.  All I heard was great things, and I was not disappointed!!

The facility & hospitality by all involved was above & beyond my expectations!!

The Annual DR Chaplaincy Training dates have been set.  We need to keep our chaplaincy skills sharp and we do that by attending training.  During 2023, you should complete nine hours of training.  Six of those nine hours, you are REQUIRED to attend an Annual DR Chaplaincy Training class near you.  If your status is Active or Local, you need to attend this training.  The other three hours can be completed online or another in person class.  You will receive 1.5 hours of training if you attend the class “What Makes a Great Chaplain” at one of the orientation sites.

The cost is $10.00 per person. Classes will be from 9-4 and Debbie Inselman will be the instructor.  The classes are participatory and not lecture.

2023 Training Opportunities


Sept 14, Thursday – OKC Baptist Building

Sept 22, Friday – Bartlesville, Eastern Heights

Sept 23, Saturday – Miami, FBC Cardin

Sept 28, Thursday – Norman, Bethel Baptist

Sept 30, Saturday – Blanchard, Middleburg

Oct 7, Saturday – OKC Baptist Building

Oct 20, Friday – McAlester, FBC

Oct 21, Saturday – Wilson, Zaneis Baptist

Oct 26, Thursday – Broken Arrow. First

Nov 4, Saturday – Tulsa, South Tulsa Baptist

NOTICE: These training classes are for endorsed chaplains only. 

Assisting Individuals in Crisis
June 15-16, 2023 and November 16-17, 2023 (9-4 each day)
Greg Giltner, Instructor
Cost: $50

This course is intended for continuing education for those who have already completed the Chaplain Manual and OSFA training.

Email Pat Jones at for more information

Chaplain Manual – Operational Stress First Aid Training

October 11 8:00 am – October 13 5:00 pm

Location: Baptist Building
Cost: $60
To register email

This training is provided for individuals wanting to serve in the area of Chaplaincy. Both of these classes are required to be completed before any other continuing education. The Chaplain Manual is a two-day course offered on Oct 11-12 and the Operational Stress First Aid is a one-day course offered on Oct 13. Classes meet at the Baptist Building, 3800 N. May Avenue. The cost for both of these courses is $60.00. To register for this training, please email Pat Jones, or call 405-942-3800, ext. 4336.

Instructor: Naomi Paget

Hunger Funds

Hunger Funds help churches do more evangelistic outreach and make an impact on lives. To request funds for your church food ministry please use the annual request form link below.

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