Spring Retreat

Help us start the year off right by joining us for prayer before the retreat begins.


Online registration opens March 1 and closes April 2nd.

Please call Carissa Jones at (405) 942-3800 ext. 4519 for questions about registration.

We have 3 registration options:

  • Option #1: Retreat only ($10/person)
    The basics; covers your attendance for the entire weekend. Rent your own cabin, bring your own grub, and enjoy!
  • Option #2: Retreat and Refuel ($35/person)
    Got a cabin but no cooks? Don’t sweat it! Rent your own cabin and still have your meals covered so that everyone can be involved!
  • Option #3: Retreat, Refuel, and Relax ($50/person)
    No need to rent a cabin OR fill up 10 grocery carts at the store with food! Experience the all-inclusive treatment, with your meals and your cabin arranged for you, and get the most out of this weekend!

Tournament Rec

Register for the volleyball tournament during Falls Creek check in.  Categories are; Co-ed, women, and men.
Volleyball Rules

Register for the 3 on 3 basketball during Falls Creek check in.
3-on-3 Basketball Rules

To participate in any of the Rec options, each person needs to fill out the Falls Creek Release & Waiver Form.