We encourage one another to advance the Gospel.

Our Purpose

The Oklahoma Baptists convention staff is here to serve our churches. We will develop strategies that are church-centered, pastor-connected and associational-partnered. We value context, recognizing that the pastor understands his flock and field in ways that we are not able. We will strive to provide relevant support and prefer pulling targeted resources to a church rather than pushing resources indiscriminately.

Encouraging Pastors

The Bible commands us to encourage one another, a task that consists of support and challenge. Our pastors need encouragement. Oklahoma Baptists will establish a Church Relations Group of ministry partners who will work with a field-based strategy. These ministry partners will encourage Gospel advance by providing contextualized support for our pastors and churches and challenging them toward the goal of church health and growth. These partners will seek to be directly connected to pastors, present and accessible.



Embracing Brokenness

Oklahoma Baptists need to embrace brokenness as an opportunity for Gospel Advance. Our Church Resources Group will endeavor to provide training and resources that will help pastors and churches advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ by stepping into the brokenness in their communities and our State. Together, we will meet needs and proclaim the Good News of Jesus as Savior.

Making Disciples

Strong churches are made from strong disciples. Often times, our churches are weak because our people are weak. Churches who make disciples are churches who can participate in the advance of the Gospel in their communities and among the nations. We will help our churches become strong by making disciples.


Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21

Church-Centered Goals by 2025

20% Increase in Missions Sending

Our mission of Gospel Advance calls us to go to the nations. The missionary heart is an indicator of healthy disciples and healthy churches. We will pray for, call out and encourage Oklahoma Baptists to go as journeymen and career missionaries.

This focus on sending more journeymen and career missionaries through the International Mission Board (IMB) will ultimately spill over to increased sending through other pathways to missions.

20% Increase In Baptisms

This baptism goal pushes the priority of evangelism; it also feeds our focus on discipleship and church membership. Baptism is the visible sign of Gospel Advance, and it provides a key indicator of the effectiveness of all ministries within the church.

20% Increase in Worship Attendance

While Oklahoma’s population is increasing, Oklahoma Baptists’ weekly church attendance is in decline. Assembling together is a key indicator of healthy disciples.

20% Increase in Cooperative Program Giving

The Bible teaches us that cooperative missions giving is a key indicator of spiritual health and Christian fellowship. When the Apostle Paul expresses gratitude for the church at Philippi and their “participation in the Gospel,” he is speaking in part about their strong financial support. Our Oklahoma Baptist fellowship in the Gospel is expressed, in part, through our Cooperative Program giving. Increased giving corresponds to increased attendance, baptisms and sending.

Our Commitments

Oklahoma Baptists’ Board of Directors and staff recognize the responsibility to be good Kingdom stewards of every dollar given.

We commit to use at least 50 percent of the Cooperative Program funds that are employed in Oklahoma to fund Next Generation ministries—children through college-age students.

We commit to maintain an efficient ministry staff so that we can share as much Cooperative Program funding as possible with our Southern Baptist partners to train and send workers who will advance the Gospel in North America and around the world.

We will begin by changing our Cooperative Program allocation to send $1 million more from Oklahoma Baptists in 2020. If we achieve our Cooperative Program goal, Oklahoma Baptists will send an increase of $2.7 million to our Southern Baptist Convention partners by 2025.

We humble ourselves to confess that we are feeble, far from walking worthy of our high calling. We call upon the Name of the Lord and ask Him to turn His churches around.