9 Quick Tips for More Effective Video Meetings

If you are like me, your video meetings have increased exponentially during the last few weeks. Guess what? Video meetings are now a part of our culture. They are not going away, even as we make our way back to offices. I know of some churches where their staff is in the same building, but instead of meeting in the same room, they meet through video conferencing. (This is especially helpful for churches that have multi-vocational positions on their leadership team.)

Along the way on this video conferencing journey, I’ve noticed and picked up on some tips that will help with more effective communication, provide less distraction, and save some potential very embarrassing situations.


When doing a video meeting…


1. Notify your family

This could save the unwanted “candid shot” of family members. It also lets everyone know to keep the noise down. (Use of headphones/earbuds helps with noise factor, too.) Also, check mirror angles to avoid unwanted views. Also, in almost every situation, the pet cam is not your best play.


2. Check your background

You see this all of the time on TV interviews. Check out what is in the shot and even place objects that you want others to see in the background. Also, avoid clutter. Check it out – everyone on your video call is!


3. Lighting

I’ve been in video meetings where the lighting was so bad you couldn’t tell who the person was. Overhead and especially florescent lights create a harsh look. Experiment with lighting that is best for you.


4. Look at the camera

Have you experienced a video where the person looks everywhere but at those they are talking to? It makes me wonder what else is going on. If you are talking to me – look at me.


5. Mute when not talking

The more people in the meeting, the more important this is. The host can help with this, but do your part.


6. Don’t eat while on the meeting

I don’t care who you are, this is not a good look. If you don’t believe me, just take a bite of that sandwich and video yourself chewing away.


Raise the position of your camera/laptop/phone

This helps with scrunchy neck, nose cams, and more. That should be all of the incentive you need.


8. Pay attention to dress/grooming

Ok, so you are working from home/remotely, but still dress appropriately for the meeting. If you are on vacation and sitting in on a meeting, that is one thing, but be aware of your appearance. Also, watch for logos, emblems on clothing that may send a message that you don’t want sent – this is especially true if you are interviewing via video.


9. Even if you are in the “waiting room” – you may still be seen.

It goes like this – if you are in front of your camera, you may be on camera. Enough said.


You are now free to join the meeting!