Mission Ignition

Mission Ignition 2022 Cancelled

Our annual Mission Ignition event has been canceled due to high Covid infections and health concerns.  Adult leaders and missionaries were not able to commit for these large gatherings so we are not able to offer the event without adequate adult participation. 

Once again, we are disappointed and like you, we are all very tired of the Covid virus and looking forward to the future events where we can safely provide events like Mission Ignition & the RA State Racers without these health threats or concerns.


Mission Ignition is a hands-on missions experience for kids in 1st through 6th grade, where they will learn about different ways they can be involved in missions. They will also be challenged to do missions when they return home.

Pinewood Derby

2022 Races

Races for OKC and Tulsa have been cancelled for 2022.

Mission Projects

You can participate in the Mission Ignition challenge anytime from March 1 until January 10. Please register what your goal will be for this year and then use the form that is provided to record all your activities. The link to register your goals is below.


Mission project reports must be sent to nwelch@oklahomabaptists.org by January 10. Please use the project form provided below. Awards will be presented at the events.