Easter Ideas for Oklahoma Baptist Churches

This compilation of ideas is based on the assumption that churches will be celebrating Easter online and as families in their homes. The overall vision behind these creative ideas is to turn the unique obstacles of celebrating Easter at home into unique opportunities to advance the Gospel together. This should not be new to the Church because Easter is rooted in the Passover celebration which was and is primarily observed by families in homes.

Pre-Easter Week Ideas

  • Promote Easter Sunday as a special home service for families of any size.

  • Email “Easter At Home” ideas to families.

  • Post short Holy Week devotions on Facebook for families to read together followed by or prior to them reading the following passages in their family devotions

Holy Week Devotions Examples

  • Sunday: Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday (Matt. 21:1-11)
  • Monday: Jesus Cleanses the Temple (Matt. 21:12-22)
  • Tuesday: Jesus at Mt. of Olives (Matt. 21:23 – 24:51)
  • Wednesday: Holy Wednesday (split the previous days reading into two parts)
  • Thursday: Passover –Last Supper (Matt. 26:17-75)
  • Friday: Crucifixion (Matt. 27: 1-62)
  • Saturday: In the Tomb (Matt. 27: 62-66)
  • Sunday: Resurrection Day (Matt. 28: 1-13)

Churchwide Easter 

Church Service Ideas

Recommend using 1-2 ideas for Easter Sunday, and save the others for another time during the year since we celebrate the resurrection all year long!


  • A child/student can read all or part of the Easter story or the pastor’s primary text.
  • Video staff members or church leaders reading portions of the Resurrection story prior to the message.
  • Video or have one of your newest believers or oldest members give a testimony about what Easter means to them.


  • Pastor you could preach the Easter sermon from your house with your family in attendance. During this pandemic, it provides a “we’re in it together” experience.
  • Speak directly to children in the message. This is a perfect opportunity for a “show and tell” moment.
  • Utilize “cardboard testimonies” from your church members. These could be used as a backdrop, set around the stage, or shown during a song.
  • Here are some Sermon ideas that might prime the pump. https://churchleaders.com/powered-by-sermoncentral/329123-101-easter-sermons-and-ideas-for-your-church.html
  • The online experience for the worshippers at home is different than a live experience, so consider planning a service that lasts 45-60 minutes.
  • Use a live or pre-recorded interview (or testimony) as a sermon starter or an element in the worship service.

Family Ideas

Gather the family a few minutes before the service starts online and remind everyone about this special day. (A special snack would be nice, as you get ready to worship together.)

Family Pre-Service

  • Gather the family a few minutes before the service starts online and remind everyone about this special day. (A special snack would be nice, as you get ready to worship together.)
  • Many people have a Bible on their smartphones, just for something different, have every family member bring their Bible to use during worship.
  • As you wait for the service to begin, direct the conversation to help prepare for worship. You could ask: “What is your favorite thing about Easter or Favorite Easter song?”
  • Read the Easter story before the online service with one family member starting and then each person tells the next part of the story.

Family Experience

  • Resurrection Eggs: This hands on activity is a great way for families to communicate the Easter story during Passion Week. Use this resource to learn to make your eggs at home.
  • Easter Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt: Enjoy the outdoors while teaching your children about the hope we have in Jesus! Resource here.
  • Grandparents: As families practice social distancing, grandparents can still actively communicate the hope in Jesus to their adult children and grandchildren. As Easter approaches, have them create a simple video on a phone or Facetime with your family then read the resurrection story to family members.
  • Neighborhood Invite to Easter Online: Create an invitation for your members to share with their neighbors to join your church’s Easter service online! Additional Kids Ministry Leadership Helps and Resources.
  • Observing the Lord’s Supper with Your Congregation Online

The Lord’s Supper

Easter is a great time to observe the Lord’s Supper. It can be easy to get discouraged in these days of adjusting to online meetings rather than hosting physical meetings. Remember and be encouraged, the first Easter was remote, an innovation never before seen or since experienced. Why not take the unique opportunity this Easter to observe the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper together with your congregation either on Resurrection Sunday morning or maybe even for a Maundy Thursday a Friday night Tenebrae service?

What you will need:

  • Grape Juice
  • Crackers (ex: tortillas, premium saltine crackers, mini soup and oyster crackers, etc…)
  • Pre-filled, Portable Lord’s Supper Cups, or make your own!
  • Having the families make their own unleaven bread can be a great experience for the children as well. Recipe Here.


  • Make time in your Easter sermon to observe the Lord’s Supper (or plan another meeting time with your congregation).
  • Explain the Lord’s Supper to your congregation. Take time to remember the body and the blood of Jesus by taking the cup and the bread together.
  • Allow for time for your congregation to ready their hearts to take the Supper. Lead your church through a time of confession and repentance before instructing them and leading them though the Supper.
  • Close the ordinance with reflection questions your church members can discuss at some point during the day with their families in person (those at home with them) or with others online as they connect with family and friends around their online family or friend Easter gatherings.


  • Substitute for the elements. If the proper elements are not available, or cannot be secured, instruct your members to abstain from observing the Supper, asking them rather to focus their hearts in prayer during the time.
  • Rush just to fit it in.
  • Hesitate to guide your congregation spiritually and take advantage of this important day and this unprecedented moment in time.

NOTE: If you have residents who are homebound or who live in a facility who can be included through phone or video calls, include them as a part of this special moment in the life of your church. Distancing doesn’t have to mean disconnection. You can possibly check with the nursing facilities or care providers to make sure you can drop elements by or arrange for the elements to be provided without having to interact with those members who might be most vulnerable to possible exposure to COVID-19.