How To Be Healthy When You Struggle

The struggle is real! Most days, I struggle to: 






spend daily time with Jesus,

be kind,

make wise decisions,

not gossip,

have a positive attitude,

be thankful,


I used to shame myself for struggling. I measured my healthiness by the amount of struggle I had. It was fed by the lie that: if I were healthy, then I shouldn’t struggle so much.

But, I was so wrong. Struggle is life. We are broken. And we need Jesus.

Healthiness is not measured by IF we struggle or how much. Instead, healthiness is measured by what you do WHEN you struggle.

So…what do YOU do in the struggle?

For me, I can box God out and try to handle it on my own. I stiff arm him and say:

I’ve got it covered.

I know what to do.

I will take care of it.

I don’t need you here yet.

This is too messy. I’ll call you when I’ve cleaned up a bit.

Just hang there on the sidelines, and I’ll let you know when I need you to come in.

I’ll call you if I need you.

After all, as ministry wives, we are fixers. But each one of these excuses reak of self-sufficiency and pride. And ultimately, our dismal attempts never achieve the relief or help we long for.

Just yesterday, I was struggling with anxiety over one of my teenage boys. It monopolized much of my morning. I was doing all the good things to redirect my mind. But, I still struggled.

Like a flick on the ear, I realized I was sidelining God. I hadn’t invited him into the struggle.

So I prayed:

Lord, I need you. I can’t do this on my own. Step into my worry. Step into my anxiety. Rescue me from the inside out. I believe you are my shield. I believe that you are watching over me. I believe that you are over all things. I believe you have a plan for my boy and are working right this minute in his life. Help me believe. Help my anxiety. Help me to trust you.

And ya’ll. The way Jesus came into my struggle and calmed my heart was so relieving. It seems too simple to surrender. But when we invite Jesus INTO our struggle, it is powerful and effective.

What are you struggling with today? How are you managing the struggle?

Invite God into it. Refrain from giving him suggestions or recommendations of how to work. Focus on who he is as it relates to your struggle. Ask him to help you right where you are.

David knew how to do this. The Psalms are full of his struggle and his pleading with God for help.

For I am about to fall, and my pain is ever with me. Come quickly to help me, my Lord and my Savior. Psalm 38:17, 22 NIV

And that, my friend, is healthy and relieving and free.