Priority of Preaching Expositional Workshops




What is it? A 6-hour workshop designed to help pastors begin and/or continue a process of progress in their preaching. Paul’s admonition to Timothy is: Practice these things [the public reading of Scripture, exhortation, teaching], immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress. (1 Timothy 4:15)
What content makes up a workshop? There are three main teaching points about preaching: exegesis, Christ-centered reflection, and contextualization (application). Workshop presenters will present an example of a post-workshop expositional group.
What are the takeaways? Participants will learn the six expositional principles (Staying on the Line, Text and Frameworks, Context, Structure, Melodic Line, and Journeying toward the Cross) and how to incorporate them in a weekly preparation process. An expositional worksheet will be provided for weekly sermon preparation. They will observe how a post-workshop, on-going expositional group functions.
What is the timeframe? The needs of the association in question will largely determine the schedule. We anticipate that a Friday night to Saturday morning timeframe will often be utilized. Six hours are needed to cover the material.
Who will lead the workshop? The current teaching team members are Brett Selby (BGCO), Blake Gideon (Edmond, First), Mark Walters (Nicoma Park, First), and Todd Fisher (Shawnee, Immanuel). Three instructors are needed for a workshop. The association can request a specific instructor and every effort will be made to accommodate that request. We are continuing to add, recruit, and train additional instructors to the team.
What will participants receive?          Each participant will receive a copy of the book Expositional Preaching by David Helm at no cost. In addition, those who are willing to covenant with other pastors to be part of an on-going expositional group will be provided an online course entitled First Principles at no charge. This course is produced by the Charles Simeon Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to the raising up of the next generation of biblical expositors.
What support is provided after the workshop? In addition to the above resources, there is a coaching option for every association. Team members are available to serve as a process consultants for the expositional groups.
Who is a candidate for these workshops? Anyone who feels called to a teaching and/or preaching ministry, whether as a pastor or other staff member, such as a student pastor or associate pastor, is a candidate for these workshops.