Preaching the Gospel through all elements of the Worship Service

Seeking to ensure our worship services bring glory to the Lord and impact those gathered can feel daunting.  Though not exhaustive, here are six ways to transform our public worship experience by seizing every element for the glory of Christ:

  1. Revelation & Response: The essence of worship is seeing Christ and responding to him.  We pray and plan the service with this in mind.  We seek to saturate the worship service in the Word of God through readings, singing, praying, observing the supper, baptizing, and teaching.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

  2. Spirit & Truth: The ultimate role of the Spirit of Truth is to glorify Christ.  We approach the service, praying in the Spirit with the expectation that he will accomplish his will to exalt the person and work of Christ.  As Christ is lifted up, he draws men and women to himself through the Holy Spirit.
  3. Christ & His Kingdom: The gathering of the saints is a taste of heaven on earth.  This supersedes attendance or the current state of financial resources.  When we focus on exalting Christ throughout the worship service, his kingdom is manifested among his people.  We know what happens when King Jesus shows up:  unbelievers are saved, believers experience encouragement, exhortation, and our faith in Christ deepens.
  4. Confession & Expiation: As the truth of the Word of God is proclaimed through our music, prayers, and sermons, our hearts are quickened by the Spirit.  As pastors, we can provide specific times of confession to the Lord.  We then have the opportunity to assure those who have humbled their hearts of the saving grace of God through Christ.
  5. Baptism & The Lord’s Supper: These acts of worship present the gospel of Christ to his people and unbelievers who are in the gathering.  Intentionally highlighting the death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and return of Christ through baptism and the Supper is supernaturally blessed by the Lord.  As we focus on Christ, he is glorified in us.
  6. Hospitality & Communication: Nearly every pastor has lamented over the welcome and announcement times during the worship service.  This is likely short-sighted.  The church is a holy nation, a royal priesthood, and a people belonging to God.  When the people of God greet one another or communicate together about the ministries of the church, this is an opportunity to glorify Christ through our unity, love, and fellowship in his Spirit.

Pastors, take heart and be encouraged as you faithfully seek to honor the Lord Jesus through the worship services in your local church. 

Kyle Jernigan is the Senior Pastor at Soldier Creek Baptist Church in Midwest City. He can be reached at

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