5 Markers of a Healthy Ministry Wife

So often, I come face-to-face with things in myself that aren’t very cute or healthy. I’m thankful that God grows us. I’m thankful that He is patient with us as we grow. Let’s grow TOGETHER.  Let’s grow beyond the junk of unhealthiness.  Let’s grow beyond being stuck in places like apathy, busyness, pride, insecurity, anxiety, and bitterness.  Let’s be willing to admit where we need help and be open for God to change us. So…What does a healthy ministry wife look like? After many conversations, much prayer, and lots of study, here are 5 Markers of a Healthy Ministry Wife. I pray they will guide our conversations this year into the very real parts of ourselves and also contribute to your personal growth with Jesus – all within the context of serving the Lord in ministry. Here are the 5 markers with a brief description of each:

  • SPIRITUAL: (the key to everything) I am at contented peace with who I am and my place in life because of my growing relationship with Jesus.
  • EMOTIONAL: I have the skills and resources to manage my emotions in the ups and downs of day-to-day life.
  • PERSONAL: I live in my gospel identity and am dependent on the Holy Spirit for my strength.
  • RELATIONAL: I am able to start and maintain meaningful relationships with healthy vulnerability and experience true community.
  • MISSIONAL: I am actively serving the Lord in my giftedness and engaging with my world in lifestyle evangelism.

I’m sure there are many other things we could target. But let’s START here. We will unpack each one in more detail starting with a self-assessment.