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Culturally Christian

Ashton Wright

How to share the Gospel with those who claim to be Christian, but probably aren’t.


Shane Pruitt

Move from being influenced to being an influencer for Christ in a post-Christian culture.

Conversational Evangelism

Scott Hume

Learning how to be a social person and bring up the Gospel through natural conversations.

Sharing Your Story

Brian Baldwin

Discover how your testimony is the key to inviting others to faith in Christ and learn how to share it with excellence.

Social Media Outreach

Jason Lamb

Learn to effectively use technology like social media, apps, texting, and more to share your faith.

Inviting with Excellence

Brian Preston

How to invite your friends to church events intentionally.

Campus Outreach

Stan Stafford

Understanding the greatest teen mission opportunity and reaching your school with the Gospel.

Sports Outreach

Bubba Burcham

Learn how to use sports as a platform for the Gospel, whether you play or not.

Point of Decision

Todd Sanders

A how-to in decision counseling.


Nathan Brumley

Learn about the worst that can happen and reaching people who don’t want to hear the Gospel.


Chris Gulley

Conquering the plague of fear with the cure of confidence in declaring the Gospel to your world

Sharing the Gospel with Kids

Charlie Gatton

Learn how to share the Gospel with kids effectively and responsibly.

Answering Hard Questions

Brian Baldwin

How to Answer Common Objections to Christianity.

Lifestyle for Outreach

Matt McClure

Put your money where your mouth is concerning your lifestyle matching your message.


Alan Quigley

Learn various styles of sharing the Gospel that fit your personality.

Disciple Me!

Jeremy Johnson

Advancing the Kingdom. Making disciples.

Be About It

Brian Baldwin

How to Move from Talking about Sharing your Faith to Doing It.

Youth Leader Training

Jason Lamb

Become a “youth leader” that effectively “leads youth” to know God, own their beliefs, and make their faith known.

Youth Leader Q & A

DA Horton

Gospel Advancing Q & A Time with Youth Leaders and DA Horton.

Outreach in Reach

Jake Anson

See your Christian friends as a team for Gospel outreach.

Group Evangelism

Bob Mayfield

Seeing Your Small Group as a Team for Gospel Outreach.