Prayer Preparation Ideas

Prayer preparation is as vital to camp as physical preparation and planning. Listed below are several ideas
for preparing your church and your children for camp. Please remember to pray for the overall safety of
CrossTimbers and the camp staff.
Here are some ideas to create and implement a prayer plan:

Prayer Guidebook Markers: Create a Prayer Guide with each camper’s first name (only) and the names of
the sponsors.

Prayer Walk: After your group arrives at camp and settles into the schedule, have sponsors take the
campers out to prayer walk around the cabins. Ask them to walk around camp and pray in groups for all
the major areas of camp.

Prayer Partner: Ask kids to find an adult prayer partner before the week of camp and pray together. This
adult should not be one of the adults who will attend CrossTimbers as a sponsor.

Wristbands: Write all the first names of campers and adults attending CrossTimbers on a wristband and
place them on the altar at church. Encourage adults to pick up one of the wristbands the Sunday before
camp and wear it all week as a prayer reminder.

Parent Prayer: Assign volunteer parents and adults a day of prayer for the group. Distribute first names
(only) of children to parents and adults for their day of prayer.

Advance Prayer: For several weeks before camp, meet regularly with sponsors to prepare and pray for
kids who will attend camp.

Commissioning Service: Sunday Night before camp, hold a “commissioning service” to pray over and
prepare the group.