Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC)

The Youth Evangelism Conference is designed to equip and inspire students to share their faith. There will be many helpful breakouts for every person, and a goal setting session to help groups go back with a strategic plan to advance the Gospel. YEC will be a great way to start the new year focused on the cause of Christ!

The Call Conference

The Call Conference is designed for individuals who are exploring or pursuing a call from God to ministry leadership. The Call Conference will also serve to encourage and train parents and leaders in churches to mentor emerging ministry leaders.

See You At The Pole

It’s about one simple thing—STUDENTS in PRAYER. We want to partner with you to help create a great SYTAP event! 


Good News Training

Why learn and share the Gospel? Because it’s literally the best news on the planet! Forgiveness of sin, eternal life, and a relationship with God are just a few reasons why the Gospel message is GOODNEWS! But… there is a certain urgency that comes with sharing this message.
Watch this training to learn the essential parts of spreading the good news of the Gospel.

Good News Guide

It’s our prayer that you’ll do everything in your power to learn how to share the GOODNEWS with excellence and lead as many people to the Savior as possible. Through God’s Spirit you can do this! Go for it