A Student like Addi

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They call her Addi for short, probably only about 5.1, she can’t weigh more than 100 pounds. Always smiling, humble spirit, she loves people around her well, and she brightens the room because Jesus shines so brightly out of her. She has grown up in the community of Stroud where she will graduate high school next year. Addi would intimidate no-one however there is a warrior deep down inside of her that is starting to emerge.
I met her for the first time at Falls Creek when I spoke in her cabin late one summer night. I saw it before we shook hands, before I knew her story, before she knew mine. The Lord seems to speak to my heart the minute I saw her and said, “here’s another”. 

She possesses something that makes her unique. I’m not sure how to describe it but I’ve seen it throughout my missions’ career. Anointing, chosen, set apart, called, not sure what it is exactly but it’s there. Young people like Addi have this look in the eyes that separates them from others. Believing parents talk about how God spoke to them when they were born as if God prepared their hearts to let this one go. If the eyes are a window to the soul, then Addi’s soul and others like her are to be on mission. They will live overseas, speak two or three languages, and give their lives to advance the Good News around the world. There is a calling on their lives that can’t be stopped. They are going with or without us. 

Oklahoma Baptists, God has placed us in a position to shepherd students like Addi. We are called to lead, feed, protect, and shepherd them to fulfill the great commission. They are all taught out of our churches, them come to our camps, and sit in our pews. As we send our people to the nations, they are counting on us to send them well. Let us continue to strategize and work together to reach the ends of the earth. Let’s train them, discipleship them, and give them opportunities to accomplish their God given assignments. I can’t think of anything greater that we could invest in than giving our lives away to students like Addi and for her and all others to know that Oklahoma Baptist is hanging on to our end of the rope.

Let’s Go.

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