GoStudents Network Training

God calls his people to prepare for His mission. The resources on this page can equips you and your missions team with essential tools effect workers in the Great Commission. These materials and courses are practical, current, and culturally informed. They draw upon the experience and wisdom of practicing missionaries from around the world so God’s people can better fulfill God’s calling HERE, NEAR, and FAR.

Training Day Information and Schedule

Need some help planning a student mission trip?

Get a FREE copy of the Pathway To Short Term Missions E-book!

Organizing a student mission trip may seem overwhelming if your focus isn’t directed toward the essential details. We’re confident this guide will alleviate the initial stress for you, your leaders, and your students. This short 22 page E-book steps you through:

    • Considering a trip
    • Preliminary arrangements
    • Finding out who is interested
    • Launching official sign ups
    • Preparing your trip
    • Preparing your team
    • Going on your trip
    • Evaluation and debrief

Acts: Empowered for Mission (30 Days)

Awaken: A Study on Purpose, Mission, and Boldness (21 Days)

Explore Mission: A Course about the Mission of God and How to Join Him (7 Weeks)

Go Impact Group Bible Studies: Preparing Students for Missions (6 Weeks)

IMB Students Mission Team Training: Prepare Your Team for Your Mission Trip (7 Weeks)

Knowing the Bible (ACTS): A Practical Study Series on the Book of Acts (12 Weeks)

Mission Trip Prayer & Devo: See God’s Heart, Be His Hands (20 Days

Short-Term Trip Training: Prepare for Your Mission Trip. (7 Weeks)

This Is Why: Student Devotions for Missions (6 Weeks)