Beyond GoStudents

Feel called to be a missionary?

Trying to figure out your next steps after a week-long group mission experience? Oklahoma Baptist Global Missions, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and the International Mission Board (IMB) have a multitude of opportunities for students to serve on mission in the United States and other countries, ranging from 2-weeks, 2-years, 2-a-lifetime!

Oklahoma Baptists Global Missions houses great resources and opportunities for all things missions across the world for those 18+ who feel called. Workplace missions, short term mission trips, Acts Camp, 1-2 year missions, and more. Check it out!

Summer Long

Length is typically 6-8 weeks. There are lots of reasons to consider serving overseas for a summer. You can accomplish more in your service, develop a deeper appreciation for a culture, and return with life-long friendships.


Semester Long

Semester assignments (fall or spring) are front-line missions that typically involve evangelizing unreached people groups, discipling new believers, and helping to start churches.


Two Years or More

A NAMB or IMB consultant is ready to answer your questions and help you consider the possibility of serving in a long-term position overseas. One of many opportunities is the two-year Journeyman program for college graduates.


Full-Time Career

There are Church planting and missionary roles that are full-time, fully-funded, field-based roles that form the core of the NAMB and IMB missionary presence around the world.


The IMB/NAMB staff are available to help you make the connection. There are many great mission opportunities available for you. Please visit the following resources to learn more about additional short term and long term mission opportunities.

International Mission Board
(800) 999-3113

North American Mission Board
(888) 749-7479