Calling the Ugly Out

It’s so interesting to me that often my biggest strength can have an UGLY SIDE and can also be my biggest vice. Have you found that to be true? 

Here’s what I mean…

One of my strengths is being very detailed, very thorough, very planned and scheduled (if you could only see all my packing lists from every trip we’ve ever taken listed in detail with what goes in each bag)!

But the FLIP SIDE of this is very paralyzing for me:

  • I overthink.
  • I am scared to try new things.
  • I am filled with anxiety as I prepare because it would just be the worst if I left something out.
  • I put too much pressure on myself to have everything go perfectly because perfection is the validation of all my hard work.
  • I can get ALL SORTS OF CRAZY inside my head.

I don’t want to be held captive any longer. So I’m CALLING IT OUT and inviting God into my mess.

He’s not scared or shocked or disappointed with my failings.

He creates beauty and restoration wherever he is.

He rebuilds broken things.

Have you ever thought about your strengths and how they can be  used as either a virtue or a vice? And what wisdom keeps you on the virtue track?

I pray that confessions and conversations like this will encourage you to call the ugly out into the light and be filled with hope knowing that God is bigger.