4 Ways to Finish the Year Strong

Hey fam!

I’m sure God has done a work in your group over the summer. As fall approaches, what opportunities and next steps exist for us to see believers develop through Gospel impact, and how can we accomplish our big goals as Oklahoma Baptists in the coming year?

Here are four ways we can finish strong this year:

Continue to pray for students to come to faith in Christ! Who are you praying for?

Share and Invite
Never stop advancing the Gospel and giving people a chance to respond! How and when will you share and invite?

Schedule and Celebrate!
Make baptism and spiritual decisions a big deal! Who is waiting to and needing to be baptized? How can you celebrate spiritual life and growth in your groups? Maybe target a student baptism day sometime in the fall.

It’s simple! Reporting accurate baptism totals (and other statistics) to the annual church profile (ACP) helps identify the correct narrative of the spiritual fruit we are seeing in our churches and across our state. Will you report?

We look forward to seeing the work God is doing in your churches and in your students! It is always exciting to see students come to faith and follow in baptism. It is great when we do the work the Lord has commanded us to do!

Much Love!