Connect to Jesus

If we are about anything as believers, we should be about Jesus. It is the love of God through Christ that gives us the opportunity for forgiveness, victory, and life. It is the lead of Christ that provides the example by which we are to model our lives. It is the launch of Christ that sends us into the world to carry out the commission God has given us. The boiled down essence of our lives is and should be Jesus.

Jesus. Seems way too simple, right?

I have been challenged by a few things in recent days that relate to the idea of ‘being about Jesus’ in our in our everyday living and in our helping others know Him as well.

1) The more I walk in Christ, the deeper my discipleship becomes.
2) “Walking in” means “staying in.”
3) My faith in Christ must not end within me.
4) Disciples share the good news of Jesus.
5) “In the end, it’s about connecting people to Jesus… That’s it. That’s our job.” –Dr. Anthony Jordan on impacting ‘lostness,’ or bringing others to Christ.
Now, I understand that these ideas are elementary. Some will roll their eyes at this point and think, “Really? That’s the giant revelation? Sanders must be a spiritual pygmy,” and that’s okay. However, I am struck by the periodic–maybe even persistent–difficulty I face in following through on these most elementary things.

Here are some things that I am considering. You may want to think about them, too.

1) Are you a disciple whose life gives evidence of the Spirit’s presence in you?
2) Are you praying for the salvation of someone specific? Who?
3) Have you told anyone about the change Christ is making in your life lately? Whom?
4) Have you stated plainly the good news of Jesus Christ lately? To whom?
5) Have you introduced, or connected, anyone to Jesus lately? Whom?

2 Corinthians 5:21 reads, “I urge you, be reconciled to God.”

Listen, that urging is not just for you and me; that urging is for the sum of humanity. If it is urgent and meaningful for us, how much so for those who still need to know Jesus?

The time for advancing the Gospel is now! Our simple message should echo that of Andrew in John 1:41 when he says, “We have found the Messiah,” and our actions mirror his when “he brought him to Jesus” (vs. 42).

Connecting others to Jesus is the result God expects from our life in Christ. Are you doing it?