We PROVIDE churches with practical handles that help in growing students in Truth. We IMPROVE student education through evaluation, organization, and action steps. We IGNITE a love for the Truth of God and student education through intentional emphasis on God’s word through preparation, study, and follow through.

Oklahoma Baptist Student Education assists churches in igniting a love for the Truth in youth and youth leaders.

Studies & Guides

The Youth Ministry Guidebook

The Youth Ministry Guidebook is a resource designed to address key areas in the life of a youth minister and youth ministry by targeting the concepts of foundational principles and practices.


DiscipleMe is a semester-long discipleship initiative designed to develop students in Christ-likeness, helping them grow into committed disciples ready to lead other students to do the same. It is meant to be an ongoing, reproducible means to make disciples who make disciples.

DiscipleMe incorporates all aspects of discipleship, including evangelism, spiritual discipline, service, Bible study, scripture memory, devotion, and more.

Leadership Development


Want to help your students who have found life in Christ follow the Lord in baptism? Walk through these videos with your students as they seek to understand and follow through with believer’s baptism.

Youth Ministry Networks

Want to connect to other youth leaders in your area? Plugging in to your local or area youth ministry networks is a great way to get started in developing relationships, providing encouragement, accountability, prayer, ideas, and support in the work that you do with students in your church and community.

Reach More Parents

What are the components of an ongoing parent ministry?

Does a parent ministry merely consist of a series of meetings? We want to provide our leaders in student ministry with ways to help parents protect and grow godly families. Here are a few ideas for preparing, implementing, and growing an ongoing parent ministry: