Youth Evangelism Conference

The Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC) is designed to equip and inspire students to share their faith. Ryan Fontenot will be leading in the general sessions. There will be many helpful breakouts for every person, and a goal setting session to help groups go back with a strategic plan to advance the Gospel. YEC will be a great way to start the new year focused on the cause of Christ!

1 Day Regionally Unified Statewide Movement

August 16, 2025

Many Locations

Simple Logistics. Powerful Impact!

Registration Open Soon for 2025


Verse: Judges 2:10

After that whole generation had been gathered to their ancestors, ANOTHER GENERATION GREW UP WHO KNEW NEITHER THE LORD NOR WHAT HE HAD DONE…”

Projected Locations

Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Lawton, Woodward, McAlester, Idabel, Guymon


Pricing Structure (Includes Lunch)

  • $10 – Super Early (September-December)
  • $15 – Early (January-May)
  • $20 – Regular (June-July)
  • $25 – Late/Door (August)

Cancellation Policy

Please note that there are no refunds or transfers with pre-purchased tickets.


  • 10:45 BREAKOUT 1
  • 11:45 BREAKOUT 2
  • 12:45 LUNCH
  • 6:15 DISMISS

Why come to YEC?

  • Motivation for students and adults to share the Gospel
  • Gives your students the best evangelism training experience in OK
  • Engaging general sessions
  • Breakout sessions that will interest every kind of teenager.
  • Perfect training opportunity for upcoming mission trip teams.
  • Groups will leave with a custom outreach blueprint.
Does your group need GOSPEL URGENCY? At YEC we’ll INSPIRE them to understand WHY it’s important to share the Gospel!

Does your group need GOSPEL FLUENCY? We’ll give them the information they need to have CLARITY of what the Gospel actually is!

Does your group need GOSPEL STRATEGY? At YEC they will learn how to APPLY what they know about the Gospel and skillfully engage in Gospel conversations!

Does your group need GOSPEL MOBILIZATION? We’ll help them ACTIVATE all they’ve learned about evangelism and actually DO IT NOW!

What students should come? All of them!

  • Core students go deeper.
  • Fringe students encouraged to go all in.
  • Evangelists find their happy place.
  • Scaredy cats are in good company.
  • Unsaved hear the Gospel and can respond.
  • Entire groups leave united in a common goal.

At YEC students will learn how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps in sharing the light of the Gospel to the lost world around us with clarity and confidence!

By the end of the conference church groups will leave with a CLEAR action plan with measurable goals in how they will advance the Gospel in their community. We cannot wait for YEC and hope you and your group will be there!

YEC Video Archive

Watch YEC Recordings from past years!

In this video archive, you have access to breakouts, teaching sessions, and more from previous Youth Evangelism Conferences.

What are people saying?

One of the best youth events ever! It doubled our Sunday attendance.
Shane Norton

FBC Marietta

I had a student lead a friend to Christ within 3 hours of YEC ending!
Jake Anson

FBC Ardmore

My group was so excited to get back to share their faith. You guys set us up for a win!
Justin Turney

FBC Pawhuska

It is probably the best YEC I’ve ever been to, and I have been going for 20+ years.
Coby Sherrill

FBC Atoka

One of our students got saved at YEC, took the 48 hour challenge, and her friend got saved!
Justin White

FBC Terlton

After YEC our students decided they wanted to double the size of our youth group over the next year.
Chase Rosado

Chandler Southern Baptist

Had a student share her faith with an entire classroom at school after YEC.
Jesse Peters

FBC Marlow

We had 3 students accept Christ at YEC and several make decisions to speak with their lost friends.
Michael Tucker

Paradise Valley, Lawton