YEC 2022

Join us on January 16-17, 2022 for the next Youth Evangelism Conference.

January 16-17, 2022

Online Registration opens June 1, 2021!


Theme: “Arise”

ARISE \ ə-ˈrīz – to awaken; wake up: to get up from sitting: to move upward; mount; ascend: to result or proceed; spring up: (sometimes followed by “from”):

Verse: Isaiah 60:1

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.”

  • We must do something radical to change the spiritual trajectory of this current generation of teenagers.
  • 42% of the Gen Z generation say they identify with a faith besides Christianity or have no faith at all.
  • The last major movement of God among students in our nation was 60 years ago (Jesus Movement)
  • The church is the United States is at a 70 year low in reaching teenagers for Christ.
  • 70% of believers indicate they are saved before age 18.
  • We must reach teenagers for Christ, and the best way to do that… is with teenagers.


Falls Creek Baptist Conference Centers in Davis, OK

Falls Creek Conference Centers
6714 HWY 77D
Davis, Oklahoma 73030


The Skit Guys

The Skit Guys


D.A. Horton

D.A. Horton


Craig Rigney

Craig Rigney


Dillon Chase

Dillon Chase

Spoken Word


Steps to register your group for YEC

  1. Register your group online starting this summer, June 1, 2021! (Registration button is below)
  2. Secure lodging by calling cabin owners and finding a cabin that will fit your groups’ needs for the weekend.
  3. Download the YEC 2022 Release Waivers and have each individual attending the conference fill it out and return it to you signed.
  4. Every church/group will be required to have valid background checks on file for ALL sponsors over the age of eighteen. Please fill out the background check compliance form and bring it with you to on-site registration.
  5. When you arrive at camp on Sunday for On-Site Registration, you will need to bring the following to the North Lobby in the Tabernacle (where Falls Creek Summer Camp registration is on Mondays of camp) between 2:00pm – 3:30pm January 16th.
      • 2 copies of your student and adult release forms (merged alphabetically in 2 separate sets, one set is for you to keep & one set is for the Falls Creek office.
      • Completed Background Check Compliance Form
      • Groups will receive wristbands at on-site registration for each participant that a release form is turned in for
      • Please only send Group Leader/Sponsor(s) to on-site registration
      • Check or cash only at on-site registration
      • Checks should be made out to Oklahoma Baptists
      • Any questions you may have for our staff

Adding to your Current Registration

If you need to purchase additional tickets for the conference, please click the registration link below and purchase the additional tickets that you are needing. There is not a way to login and edit a current registration. Please use the same church and contact information and we will combine all tickets for each group before on-site registration. Please email with any questions.

Price Schedule
$15 – Super Early Bird Summer 1/2 Price Rate (June 1 – Aug 12)
$23 – Early Bird Registration Rate (Aug 13 – Nov 25)
$30 – Regular Registration Rate (Nov 26 – Jan 4)
$35 – Late Registration Rate (Jan 5 – Jan 16) (Online through NOON on Jan 15 or at on-site registration with cash or check ONLY)
**Prices DO NOT include food or lodging. Each group will be responsible for providing food & lodging.
Meal Information
Meal Packages will be available to be purchased through registration. The deadline to purchase meal packages is January 4, 2022.
Participants with meal packages will receive meal wristbands at on-site registration. Meal packages are $19.50/person and will include dinner on Sunday and breakfast and lunch on Monday.
For those that purchased meal plans, the menu will be available here prior to the event. Please be mindful that the menu is subject to change. Meals will be pre-packaged.
Lodging Information
Each group will be responsible for securing lodging with cabin owners. You can search for cabins through the Falls Creek Cabin Database (*Please note that prices listed are summer camp rates and churches will have different weekend rates.) You can also make a reservation at the conference center hotel, or make plans to stay with another group in their cabin. We have some pod spaces available in the Ada Lodge if you are interested. Contact Amy Biliske ( for more information. Groups are not required to lodge on the Falls Creek grounds.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that there are no refunds or transfers with pre-purchased tickets. This is necessary to allow us to sell discounted tickets in the future and most importantly help insure wrist bands are not floating around camp that aren’t tied to release forms, background checks, etc.


4 Chair Discipling – Helping yourself and others move to the next level of their relationship with God.

Called to Ministry – Discover or deepen your call to advance the Gospel through full-time Christian service.

Culturally Christian – How to share the Gospel with those who claim to be Christian, but probably aren’t.

Digital Outreach – Learning to effectively use technology like social media, apps, texting, and more to share your faith.

Everyday Ideas – Learning useful and straightforward ways to share your faith in your school and community regularly.

Fearless – Conquering the plague of fear with the cure of confidence in declaring the Gospel to your world.

Front-runner – Becoming a youth leader that effectively leads youth to know, own, and make their faith known. (*Adults only)

Gifted – How to discover, develop, and use your spiritual gifts and talents as Gospel platforms.

Influencer – Move from being influenced to being an influencer for Christ in a post-Christian culture.

Out-Reach is In-Reach – Play some games with us and take them back to your ministry as a new outreach tool.

Outreach Squad – Seeing your Christian friends as a team for Gospel outreach.

Personality Type – Learn various styles of sharing the Gospel that fits your personality

Practice What You Preach – Put your money where your mouth is concerning your lifestyle matching your message.

Preparing for Missions – How to be ready to serve with excellence on the mission field short or long term.

Proof for Christianity – Understanding other worldviews and providing evidence for Christianity with gentleness and respect.

Rejected – Learning about the worst that can happen and reaching people who don’t want to hear the Gospel.

Sharing Your Story – Discover how your testimony is the key to inviting others to faith in Christ and learn how to share it with excellence.

Social Success – Learning how to be a social person and bring it the Gospel through natural conversations.

Sports Outreach – Using sports as a platform for the Gospel, whether you play or not.

Sharing the Gospel with Kids – Learn how to share the Gospel with kids effectively and responsibly


Sunday, January 16

2:00 – Registration Open / Free Time
5:00 – Breakout #1
5:45 – Dinner
7:30 – General Session #1
9:00 – Breakout #2
10:00 – Dillon Chase Concert / GoStudents Party / Free Time
11:00 – In Cabin Curfew / Group Time

Monday, January 17

7:00 – Breakfast / Group Time
9:00 – General Session #2
10:15 – Breakout #3
11:30 – General Session #2
12:30 – Lunch
2:00 – Youth Group Planning Time
3:00 – General Session #4
4:00 – Dismissed

Why come to YEC?

  • Motivation for students and adults to share the Gospel
  • Gives your students the best evangelism training experience in OK
  • Engaging general sessions
  • Breakout sessions that will interest every kind of teenager.
  • Perfect training opportunity for upcoming mission trip teams.
  • Groups will leave with a custom outreach blueprint.

What students should come? All of them!

  • Core students go deeper.
  • Fringe students encouraged to go all in.
  • Evangelists find their happy place.
  • Scaredy cats are in good company.
  • Unsaved hear the Gospel and can respond.
  • Entire groups leave united in a common goal.

At YEC students will learn how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps in sharing the light of the Gospel to the lost world around us with clarity and confidence!

By the end of the conference church groups will leave with a CLEAR action plan with measurable goals in how they will advance the Gospel in their community. We cannot wait for YEC and hope you and your group will be there!

Does your group need GOSPEL URGENCY? At YEC we’ll INSPIRE them to understand WHY it’s important to share the Gospel!

Does your group need GOSPEL FLUENCY? We’ll give them the information they need to have CLARITY of what the Gospel actually is!

Does your group need GOSPEL STRATEGY? At YEC they will learn how to APPLY what they know about the Gospel and skillfully engage in Gospel conversations!

Does your group need GOSPEL MOBILIZATION? We’ll help them ACTIVATE all they’ve learned about evangelism and actually DO IT NOW!

What are people saying?

One of the best youth events ever! It doubled our Sunday attendance.

Shane Norton

FBC Marietta

I had a student lead a friend to Christ within 3 hours of YEC ending!

Jake Anson

FBC Ardmore

My group was so excited to get back to share their faith. You guys set us up for a win!

Jake Anson

FBC Weleetka

It is probably the best YEC I’ve ever been to, and I have been going for 20+ years.

Chase Rosado

Coby Sherrill

One of our students got saved at YEC, took the 48 hour challenge, and her friend got saved!

Shane Norton

FBC Terlton

After YEC our students decided they wanted to double the size of our youth group over the next year.

Chase Rosado

Chandler Southern Baptist

Had a student share her faith with an entire classroom at school after YEC.

Jesse Peters

FBC Marlow

We had 3 students accept Christ at YEC and several make decisions to speak with their lost friends.

Michael Tucker

Paradise Valley, Lawton