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Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education academic calendar (Dates for school starting, ending, and spring break for each public college or university.)

2023 Holiday Schedule 4 day week

2023 Holiday Schedule 5 day week

Campus Ministry Strategies

Strategy Book – By Campus


Gallagher Insurance spreadsheet to use for listing people for international trips (Directors should include themselves on this list). Send completed spreadsheet to gallaghercharitable@ajg.com.

Contact Info: https://www.travelwithgallagher.com/
Phone:  (800) 922-8438 / (803) 758-1400
Fax:  (803)252-1988

Insurance for Students for domestic BCM events
Each campus must register its own students and events. The students are covered for that event only. Register your event here. Payment is made to AIL Special Risk Division after the completion of the event. Policy 5063s.

Insurance Claim Form for Students

Reporting Alleged Abuse

Listening Skills

Training Video