The Importance of Training

You’re as good as you need to be.

Life doesn’t change.

Your ministry is reaching everyone it needs to reach.

Once a leader, always a leader.


None of these things are true. No matter how much we grow, we can develop even more, which allows us to continue leading effective ministries. Life is constantly changing and the needs of people are morphing all the time to the point that what seemed to work in the past probably won’t cut it in the days ahead. Of course, there are still many people needing to be reached by your ministry and on-going training, for both you and your team, prepares you to do that. And leadership is not static; being effective this year is no guarantee of next year’s impact.


Training investments for you to make:

-Ignore the lie that you have arrived.

-Develop and follow a reading plan.

-Go to conferences, especially ones that equip you to come back and train your own leaders.

-Be perfectly clear on the skills you need and pursue them.

-Set a goal or an objective for growth.

-Find a coach or a mentor to help work on specific objectives.

-Get feedback from those around you via a 360 evaluation.

-Set and maintain regular and meaningful meetings with your team.


by Brett Selby w/ Todd Sanders, previously seen in OKYMForum Breakout Takeout