Oklahoma Student Worship Choir

Students leading students in Worship

(What is the OSWC?) About the Oklahoma Student Worship Choir

Music shapes our lives and our beliefs in God.  The Oklahoma Student Worship Choir is an opportunity to grow in our faith, and to express our passion and love for Christ and others.  From all across Oklahoma, the OSWC connects students as they join together for musical and spiritual growth and training, and to express their faith as they lead worship. 


Ages:  8-12 grade

Positions needed:  All Singers, Worship Band, Worship Tech

We are SO excited about our fourth season with the Oklahoma Student Worship Choir! This season will be filled with great worship experiences across the state of Oklahoma!

“Connection” with God and others is for key for this group.

First, connecting each person to God through worship and memorization of spiritual truths through the music. Second, music is a great unifier and students will be connected to other students from across the state. Third, the OSWC will be connected to our churches and especially student groups as they host N.O.W. events. These Nights of Worship will feature the Oklahoma Student Worship Choir as they sing and lead corporate nights of worship throughout the state. During every N.O.W. event, the Gospel will be shared, and students will share their stories of faith and hope.

How do I become a part of the Oklahoma Student Worship Choir?

We are so glad you asked! Each student for the OSWC is auditioned. If you’ve been in the group before, we sure want you back. The audition isn’t scary or hard, but it helps us get to know you, and to place your voice/instrument in the best place for the group. See audition information below.

Schedule & Cost

How often does the OSWC sing, and what is the schedule?

The OSWC will help lead others in worship approximately 5 times per season, and we sing in different churches across the state. The season runs August – May, with no N.O.W. events in December.

What is the rehearsal schedule?

There will be an all-day retreat on a Saturday, August 26, 2023. The day of the concert the OSWC will meet to rehearse and prepare for the Night of Worship. The full list of dates is listed on the audition form.


There is a yearly registration fee, currently $50. This covers the cost for music, concert polos, retreat, etc.