May 23-25, 2024

CrossTimbers Conference Centers

2024 Registration opens February 26 and closes May 8 at 8:00pm

About Camp Perfect Wings

Camp Perfect Wings is our primary tool for special needs. It is an amazing camp held once a year in the early summer and is designed especially for Kids & Adults with special needs who are age 8 and up. It includes morning and evening worship, guided activities like music, crafts, water games, target sports, motorcycle rides, horseback riding, cookout, and more!

This year’s camp pastor is David Anderson (Louisiana Baptists Children’s Ministry Strategist)

Campers and Buddies

At Camp Perfect Wings, there are 2 types of attendees:  Campers and Buddies.  Below are the descriptions for each.

Note: The Oklahoma Baptist Convention is required to obtain a current background check on anyone 18 years of age and older. This cost is included in your payment.

Registration opens February 26th!


Campers are children and adults from age 8 and up who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. During the camp, Campers will enjoy games, activities, worship & Bible time designed with their special needs in mind.

*Campers must have no life-threatening condition nor contagious disease. All disabilities must be listed on the online registration form. A responsible adult or teen, designated as a Buddy, must accompany each Camper. One Buddy may accompany up to three campers. Campers requiring assistance with mobility or behavior management must provide one-on-one staffing during the duration of the event. Please read the Policies and Procedures of Camp Perfect Wings for more details.


Health & Medications

  • All campers are required to provide a Medical Authorization Form to the Camp Nurse on the first day of camp. Download the Medical Authorization form below and send it with your Camper to camp:
  • The camp medical staff will administer ALL medications (over-the-counter and prescription). All medications must remain in its original container. Medication will be securely stored in the Nurse’s Station.
  • All medication must be brought in its original container. This container must be placed inside another container or zipper bag with their name, times & instructions for taking the medication. Please ensure that all information is clearly printed.
  • Medications will be given to the Nurse at the Nurse’s Station when the Camper arrives on the first day of camp after Registration.

Packing List


  • All meals are included in the registration fee. Each camper will also be given tickets to “spend”, but it is not necessary to send additional money. No food is permitted in the dorms.


A buddy is a responsible adult or teen (16 years and up) who has the desire to serve with those with Special Needs. They can be people who have worked or currently work with special needs individuals, are family members of special needs individuals or anyone else who wants to serve those with special needs. Previous experience working with special needs individuals is NOT required. A buddy may accompany up to 3 Campers. Campers requiring assistance with mobility, behavior management, or skills, will require one-on-one staffing during the duration of the camp.


Buddy responsibilities:

  • Assist campers in all camp activities
  • Help the camper stay engaged and on task
  • Be an advocate for the camper
  • Stay with the camper at all times
  • Assist the camper with daily tasks as needed
  • Help the camper succeed!

Downloads and Resources

For Churches and Groups

Churches and Groups are encouraged to bring their Special Needs Campers and Buddies together to camp. This makes camp more effective and comfortable for both Campers and Buddies. Churches and groups who attend together are grouped together for activities and dorm assignments.

Organizational Tools