Our Mission

CrossTimbers Children’s Mission Adventure Camp exists to support local church efforts to reach lost children in their communities and to raise up a generation of kids with an authentic walk with God who actively serve others with missional living.

Core Values

  1. Learn biblical principles for worship, missions, evangelism, and life.
  2. Create and strengthen relationships with God, family, and others.
  3. Experience nature in a fun and safe environment.

Investment Plan

The camp is designed to offer four days of intentional spiritual investment in a child’s life.

  • Day One: Camp Theme
  • Day Two: Evangelism
  • Day Three: Instruction from the Word
  • Day Four: Challenge to Serve Daily

Throughout each session of camp, there is a high priority on scripture, worship, relationships with camp staff and church sponsors, and opportunities for kids and sponsors to sharpen their skills and prepare to consistently serve God after camp. CrossTimbers is a camp designed to reach and equip children.



Pre-Camp Meetings

Registration for Pre-Camp Meetings is now open. Please look at the different registrations and dates below to select the correct date and training for you:

Returning Churches and Leaders Meeting

April 13th, 2023
(via Zoom)

New Churches and Staff Attending Davis Campus

April 25th, 2023
CrossTimbers Davis

New Churches and Staff Attending Grand Lake Campus

April 27th, 2023
Grand Lake Baptist Assembly Camp in Grove

Camp Program

At it’s birth Crosstimbers once was a Royal Ambassadors camp. As the camp evolved it placed a strong emphasis on missions education and this is something that continues to be one of the  foundational elements of this camp.

Camp staffers will share about personal mission experiences they have experienced and the experiences of others.  We work hard to educate campers on the evangelistic work that is going on in our state, country and world.  Because a classroom experience isn’t exactly what kids are looking for at camp we work hard to incorporate cultural practices, games and activities, crafts, language, and food and drink tasting as a way to live, and break up the teaching time.

Camp Activites

What is camp without some fun while you’re there? CrossTimbers provides a ropes course, target sports and water activities. Program staffers are trained, and even certified when needed, to provide a fun and safe environment at camp. Sponsors will not be required to work the activities but may be called on, by the staff, to assist with certain aspects of activities.


Campers and Sponsors attend chapel in the morning and evening. The staff will provide music, games and skits that focus around a central theme and the camp pastor will share a message. The camp pastor is most often a minister at one of the churches each week.

Camp Dates

2024 Registration Opens November 6, 2023 at 8AM


Davis, OK

Session 1 May 28 – May 31
Session 2 June 1 – June 4
Session 3 June 7 – June 10
Session 4 June 11 – June 14
Session 5 June 17 – June 20
Session 6 June 21 – June 24
Session 7 June 27 – July 30
Session 8 July 1 – July 4
Session 9 July 8 – July 11
Session 10 July 12 – July 15
Session 11 July 19 – July 22
Session 12 July 23 – July 26


Davis, OK

Session 1 – TBA

Session 2 – TBA

Session 3 – TBA

Session 4 – TBA

Session 5 – TBA

Session 6 – TBA

Session 7 – TBA

Session 8 – TBA

Session 9 – TBA

Session 10 – TBA

Session 11 – TBA

Session 12 – TBA