CrossTimbers Registration

Registration for CrossTimbers 2024 opens on Monday, November 6 at 8am.

Please refer to our Church Guide for more information on registration and camp policies.

Step 1: Pre-Camp Church Registration

  1. Online Registration opens the first Monday of November at 8am. Slots fill quickly so please make sure to register as early as possible.
  2. Register by clicking the Register Now button at the top of this page.
  3. Confirm all information is correct and you have fully submitted the registration.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with important camp documents and information. An invoice will be emailed to you 1-2 weeks after registration.

Step 2: Camper and Sponsor Forms

  1. All Campers and Sponsors must fill out a release form before arriving at camp.
  2. You must keep a 5:1 camper/sponsor ratio of the same gender while at camp. In addition to this requirement, there must be at least two adult sponsors of the same gender in each room to ensure the protection of the campers and sponsors
  3. The adult form must be signed by the adult and the child’s form must be signed by a parent or guardian. If you get to camp and the form is not signed by the parent or guardian, we cannot allow them to stay.

Step 3: Background Checks

  1. CrossTimbers Children’s Camp REQUIRES that each church perform criminal background and sex offender checks on all sponsors 18 and older attending with their group. (If you happen to have a junior sponsor who will turn 18 while they are at camp, you MUST complete a background check on them).
  2. Please refer to Camper Safety for specific instructions, preferred providers, and what qualifies as a background check.
  3. Prior to on-site registration, churches will be asked to produce digital versions background checks to our office at least TWO weeks before arriving at camp.

Step 4: Online Registration

  1. After March 31, you will receive information on how to enter Individual Camper Registration. This will be different than the Google Sheets previously used.
  2. Online registration forms must be entered 72 hours prior to the start of your session in order to make bed reservations.
  3. Once we have received your registration information, we will email the 1-2 days before your session with your dorm assignment and number of beds to make sure all the information is correct.
  4. If you have a camper who has dropped out and you have changed the camper out for another camper (of the same gender), you must email our office with the person you dropped and the information of the new camper.

Step 5: Arrival and Camp Check-In

  1. We will email you regarding arrival times, one month before camp. Check-in opens at 10am Day One of each session (we cannot allow early entry due to last minute preparations being made by our staff ).
  2. When entering the campground, our staff will greet you and your campers to build anticipation for a great camp session. The staffers will direct your group, and the children will be welcomed by additional camp staff.
  3. Immediately after arrival, the Lead Sponsor should go directly to the registration office. All other sponsors will remain with their group in order to unpack.
  4. During check-in, the remaining sponsors and campers can walk to their cabin area and start unpacking. Be sure your group stays together, using all the beds, so the other beds stay grouped together for those still to arrive
  5. Lead sponsors need to have the following items ready to hand in at the office:
    • Sponsor Background Check Statement of Compliance (signed by the Sr. Pastor or Church Administrator)
    • Concession Wristband Form and money to purchase additional concession wristbands.

Additional Information

  • Important Dates
    • First Monday of November at 8am – Camp Registration Opens
    • January 31st – Deposit and Registration Agreement Due
    • March 31st – Final Day to Turn Back Beds
    • April- Pre-Camp Meetings (These dates are TBD).
    • May 1st – Final Payment Due for Camp
    • TWO Weeks Prior to Session – Digital Background Checks Due to Programing Office
    • 72 Hours Prior to Session – Individual Camper/Sponsor Release information due
  • Acquiring/Selling Beds
    • As camp approaches, it is common for churches to need more or fewer beds than previously reserved and paid. After March 31st, you will receive a list of the churches attending your session, along with the contact information for their group leader. If you need more beds for your session, or need to sell extra beds, please contact the churches attending your session. The buying church will pay the selling church directly. You will need to notify the CrossTimbers office so that we can change the numbers on each of your online registrations.
    • If you need more beds or want to return beds for a refund to our office, you must contact our office by March 31st. Any emails dated after March 31st will not qualify for a refund from our office. To inquire about buying additional beds from our office before March 31st, please contact our office directly
  • Camper/Sponsor Ratio and Bed Assignments
    • Remember, there is a 5:1 camper/sponsor ration of the same gender at all times while on grounds. In addition to this rule, there must be at least two sponsors of the same gender per room to protect both our campers and sponsors overnight. If you are not able to provide two sponsors of the same gender per room, there is the option to be put with another church in order to comply with requirements.
    • If you have any questions, please contact the CrossTimbers Programing Office.