Ministry is About Relationships

John Maxwell popularized the leadership quip “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” True enough. Hang around in ministry for a hot minute and you recognize that even leadership depends upon relationships. Oklahoma Baptists recently welcomed Ken Sande to our offices for a day of outstanding...


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How to successfully follow a long-term/beloved pastor

Oh, “you have big shoes to fill” has been uttered through the vocal chords of church members for decades without a scriptural filter to stop it. Both seasoned and unseasoned pastors have been on the receiving end of the “sharp” message meant to acknowledge what was and forewarn what is.

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Why the Pastor Needs a Council of Historians

Where can a pastor find this council of church historians?  Don’t neglect digging in the church records or racing the church history. Contact the historical commission for your denomination. Look in old newspapers or with your state historical society. There is probably more out there than you think if you look in the right places.

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How Church History Informs Your Ministry

For pastors there is always something else to do, somebody to visit, somewhere to go. Pastors are faced with committees, budgets, crises, buildings, family, and the ever-present deadline of the Sunday sermon. So in the midst of all that, why should we add the study of church history to our list of things to do?

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Revitalizing Children’s Ministry

Children’s ministry looks different than it did a decade ago. The strategies we should be using today are not the same as they were at the turn of the century. Recent studies show that anywhere between 58% and 67% of Christian parents today choose a church with their kids in mind.

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22: Using Notes in Preaching

Every preacher has to make a decision about the use of notes. Listen to Todd Fisher and Andy Taylor give some helpful insights into the structure and use of preaching notes.

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21: Preparing for Easter

Research suggests that many people are more likely to attend church on Easter than almost any other Sunday. Hear Todd Fisher and Andy Taylor discuss helpful ideas for pastors in preparation for Easter and this special ministry opportunity.

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19: Helping the Called

It is the local church that sends missionaries, ordains pastors, and commissions those who are called by God to vocational ministry. Hear Todd Fisher and Andy Taylor offer insight for churches who are helping those who are sensing a call to ministry.

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18: Constructing an Effective Conclusion

It can be argued that the conclusion of a novel either makes or breaks the entire storyline. Preachers MUST do the hard work to conclude a sermon well and not simply come to an end. Sprint to the finish instead of falling across the line.

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16: Books I Want to Read

Leaders are readers. Pastors often feel overwhelmed with the reading they “need” to do. Listen as Todd Fisher and Andy Taylor make a few recommendations of various types of reading for next year.

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