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About Brazil

The Amazon basin is a massive rainforest, about 70% of the size of mainland USA.  It is made up of more than 1,100 tributaries, 17 of which are over 1000 miles long, spanning 8 countries, the largest part in Brazil.  You can find 30% of the world’s animal species in the amazon.  There are many different people speaking many different languages who are difficult to access because they are spread all over the jungle.  Though there are believers among a variety of tribes, many remain unreached without having heard the true gospel of Jesus Christ.


– The trip leader will communicate airfare information.

Why serve in Brazil?

Indigenous people from 400 tribes, spread out over thousands of rivers and lakes.

The Distance

Many tribes remain cut off and hard to reach, only accessible by boat or plane. We will travel about 30 hours by boat to reach the Satere tribes we will minister to.


Our Focus

We will form teams that will meet various physical needs like reading glasses, water filters, minor medical care (possibly), and more.  We will also share testimonies, preach the gospel, do day camps for kids, and maybe join a pickup soccer game with some teenagers and young adults.

The Goal

Our team will take the gospel to some of the truly unreached places of the world!

The Mission

Our ministry with Ray of Hope centers on preaching the gospel to the lost, planting churches, and discipling believers in indigenous villages as well as partnering with jungle pastors to strengthen their ministries.

The Bonus

We will experience breathtaking views of the world that most people never have the chance to see.  Hopefully, we will get to see some unique wildlife along the way as well.

Who will we serve in Brazil?

  • Teams will visit several different indigenous village
  • Partner Organization – Ray of Hope

What will we do?

  • Team will travel, sleep, and eat on a two-story, open-air regional boat.
  • The boat will be the transportation to different villages along the Andira River.
  • The team will preach the Gospel to the village and share their testimony.
  • Physical needs will be met during the trip by providing reading glasses, water filters, and possible minor medical care.
  • Engage children, teenagers, and young adults with soccer games and day camps.

Certified Sending Partner:

Church: Clinton, First Baptist Church

Phone: (580) 323-1331

Team Leader – Kent Jaggers


Ministry Partner – Ray of Hope Amazon

How to pray:

  • Pray for safety and health and we travel and serve.
  • Pray for receptive hearts among the tribes.
  • Pray for boldness among team members in sharing the Gospel.
  • Pray for God to open doors into new villages and new places for evangelism along the river.
  • Pray for logistics and planning for the team and individuals.