Completed Grades 6-12 by the start of project date.

March 17-21, June 2-6, July 7-11

Estimated Ground Cost - $225
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The Tulsa area is in the heart of “Green Country,” enriched by its oil heritage, and boasts of world-class cultural attractions. Most people in the area would consider themselves to be religious, but many do not know the Savior. Our teams will be meeting physical and spiritual needs in mobile home communities and more.
Deadline of $225.00 is to be paid by 03/01/2024

$25.00 is due with application

Why serve in Tulsa?


Tulsa has Oklahoma’s 2nd largest metro area and is in the heart of Green Country.

Unique Development

Tulsa is enriched by its oil heritage, and boasts of world-class cultural attractions. By 1920, Tulsa was home to 400 petroleum companies making it the “oil capital of the world.”


Nearly 7,000 people end up homeless, at least for a time, in the Tulsa metro area every year. Thousands more are just the loss of a paycheck away from finding themselves losing a home or apartment and perhaps ending up on the streets.


Religious Saturation

34% of those in the Tulsa metro area would consider themselves religious but many do not know the Savior.

Unchurched Population

95% of people living in multi-housing, government housing, mobile home parks, etc are unchurched. Many people living in mobile home communities do not feel comfortable coming to a traditional brick and mortar church. So through the efforts of GO Students, we will take the church to them and partner with ministries throughout the Tulsa metro area.

Our Focus

Our teams will be taking the church to people in mobile home communities doing a variation of block parties, kid’s mobile clubs, all while sharing the Gospel and meeting needs in the Name of Jesus.

Who will we serve in Tulsa?

Religious People Groups

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Field Rep

Mike Lehew

Partner Organization

Mobile Missions Network

What will we do?

  • Teams will be partnering with Mobile Missions Network.
  • Teams will be housed at Church Inside Out and will need to bring an air mattress and bedding.
  • Participants have to be dropped off/picked up or drive to/from the host church at the beginning and end of the project.
  • Teams will be transported around the city via church vans/buses during the project.
  • Teams will be working in mobile home and apartments communities throughout the Tulsa metro area. Our main focus is evangelism through our kid’s camps (Camp Inside Out), street ministry, compassion ministries, etc. They will also be doing various projects for ministry partners, other churches, and those in our communities. These range from raking leaves, mowing, painting, cleaning, to handing out food and clothing.

Certified Sending Partner:

Church: Church Inside Out

Phone: 918-216-0162

Team Lead: Danielle Wilson


How to pray:

  • Pray for our resident and community missionaries who live and serve in our communities on a daily basis throughout the year. That they may not grow weary in their ministry, that they may see a harvest as they abide in Christ and pour their lives out for the Gospel.
  • Pray for the broken people in the area in need of hope and also for the workers to bring them a harvest of hope.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of the people in Tulsa to receive the Good News.
  • Pray for our team to work well together.
  • Pray for boldness for myself and my team members as we share the saving power of the Gospel.
  • Pray for opportunities and wisdom to share the Gospel in a way that focuses on a real relationship with Jesus, not just religion.
  • Pray for the team of students and adults that will be serving your mission team during your stay.