Oklahoma City

July 17-21, 2021


Grades 6-12 (Completed by start date)

Leadership Needs: College Students and Adults

About Oklahoma City

It’s known for its cowboy culture and capitol complex, surrounded by working oil wells. The Oklahoma City metro area is home to over 1.3 million people and is at the heart of our state. It has a lot to be proud of, but has its struggles as well. Poverty, hunger, and homelessness are just a few of the needs that God has given his people the opportunity to meet. Join our team in working in apartment complexes, doing block parties, kids Bible clubs, and more while showing and sharing the Gospel.

Why serve in Oklahoma City?


OKC is Oklahoma’s largest metro area.


For some people, being hungry simply means it has been a few hours since their last meal. Unfortunately, many people in Oklahoma City struggle with hunger every single day. Oklahoma City has significantly higher food insecurity than the national average.

Homeless Stats In Oklahoma City (2019)

10% of the population are veterans
16% are members of families with children
30% are female, 70% are male
58% are white, 27% are black, and 8% are Native American
31% of the population reports mental illness
15% are youth age 24 or younger
22 percent are considered “chronically” homeless, of whom 72 percent are unsheltered
58 percent were staying in a shelter, 12 in transitional housing, 30 percent unsheltered


Poverty Rate

The poverty rate in Oklahoma City is 17%. One out of every 6 residents of Oklahoma City lives in poverty.


Our Focus

Join our team this summer as we embrace brokenness as an opportunity for the Gospel to go out to the people in the Oklahoma City metro area. We’ll be partnering with Mission Norman in working in apartment complexes, doing block parties, kids Bible clubs, feeding the hungry, working with the homeless, and more while showing and sharing the Gospel.

Who will we serve in Oklahoma City?

  • We’ll be partnering with Mission Norman.
  • Teams will be housed at NE Baptist in Norman and will need to bring an air mattress and bedding.
  • Participants have to be dropped off/picked up or drive to/from the host church at the beginning and end of the project.
  • Teams will be transported around the city via church vans/buses during the project.
  • Teams will show and share the Gospel by serving and praying with clients at the Mission Center, assisting the needy/homeless, canvasing communities, hosting block party events, putting on a VBS, etc.

Who will we serve?

Religious People Groups: Moderately Diverse

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Field Rep: Allen Edison

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Partner Organization: Mission Norman

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How to pray:

  • Pray for the people that are struggling with poverty, hunger and homelessness. Pray that they would be able to
    find hope in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of the people in Oklahoma City to receive the Good News.
  • Pray for our team to work well together.
  • Pray for boldness for myself and my team members as we share the saving power of the Gospel.
  • Pray for opportunities and wisdom to share the Gospel in a way that focuses on a real relationship with Jesus,
    not just religion.

Applications Due: December 3, 2020

Training: March 27, 2021

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