Everyone has feelings about Monday. Some are generally negative…

“Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7 of your life.” -Steven Wright.

Some people have generally positive thoughts about Monday…

“Mondays are for fresh starts.” -Unknown. (Probably an Enneagram Seven)

Or, just a note to the wise…

“Don’t mess with anybody on a Monday. It’s a bad, bad day.” -Louise Fitzhugh.

If we aren’t careful, we could allow our Monday to destroy an entire week for us and our group. Venus Rivers could be right when she said, “All men tend to become angry and irritated on the start of the week. It is the start of the week, but is the end of all fun and happiness in life.”

No matter what your stance on Monday, we each have to face it. I want to help you win on your Falls Creek Monday. I want to help you walk in saying like Nice Peter, “Even the best weeks start with Monday.”

You’re getting geared up for Falls Creek, and, no matter how new this is to you, I know you’re ready. You did attend a prep meeting after all! (You did attend prep meeting, right?) You know what’s expected of you when you arrive, so now let’s back track a little. The key to a good Monday of camp starts weeks or months in advance. Here are a few things to note:

1) If you have enough sponsors for camp, you have enough sponsors to do what I am about to lay out for you.

2) If you are not willing to do at least some of what I am about to let you in on, maybe you aren’t taking sponsors you can trust.

3) Some of you already know these things and need to be sharing with new youth ministers your tips and tricks.

4) Don’t let your Monday ruin YOUR week. If you do, it will definitely affect your students and leaders.

Now, what actions can we take to make Monday smooth?

Find key sponsors to help you on Monday before your students even arrive. Have one taking paperwork, one taking meds, one taking phones, — if you’re the kind of mean youth minister that does that 🙂 — one doing head checks, one for dress code, one for rec, and on and on. That gives you the ability to be free to roam, meet parents, greet students, and maybe put out a fire if you must. Don’t try and do it all yourself!

Eat & Breathe
For years, I would stress myself out to the point of being physically ill. I realized after a few years that when I got to camp on Monday, it was ok to sit and eat lunch when we arrived instead of running straight to registration and burning myself out immediately. Take some time to take care of yourself. I know you’re as excited as your students, but please brothers and sisters… Eat… Breathe…

Your students will have a million questions. When is ______? Where is ______? What do we do next? When do we have to be back? Can we? Should we? Do we? Rely on your sponsors to help you out. Tell them beforehand that you need them to intercept as many questions as they can. Remember, this means you need to take some time to prep them. So…

Prep your sponsors
Please, don’t put unspoken expectations on your sponsors. Let them know how they can help when you arrive at Falls Creek. How important they are to the success of your week. Give them something to own!

If you aren’t the organized one and find that, even for one week you can’t make it happen, own up to it. If it’s not you, find someone who excels in organization. Think through the following areas: paperwork, travel arrangements, drivers, family groups, KP, lodging, menu, cabin décor and activities, camp t-Shirts, a group standard, afternoon activities, and the list goes on… Feeling overwhelmed? Start now. The more of this you do early, and the more you bring alongside you, the less you will feel stressed as time draws near and as you begin your week.

For a smooth Monday: prepare, organize, delegate, and trust your sponsors so that you can tackle the day knowing that it is the beginning hurdle that gets you of God doing an amazing work in the lives of the students that He has entrusted us with. What have you found helpful in making Monday smooth?

Guest entry by Joshua McKee, OKC Wilmont Place