June 22-29, 2023

Estimated Ground Cost - $600 | Grades 9-12
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Leadership Needs: College Students and Adults

About Seattle

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and is home to the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Starbucks, Microsoft, Mount Rainier, and more. It’s also known as a city that most people move to in order to run away from tradition Christian values. Join our team as we “run to them” this summer to show and share the Gospel through various outreach projects in partnerships with local churches.

Why serve in Seattle?

Median price of homes currently listed in Seattle

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities, home to big businesses like Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, Google, and more.


Adults with High School Diploma

Despite Seattle’s many success stories, there are also great struggles. There is a staggering number of homeless men, women and children.

Homeless individuals in Seattle in 2019

Forty- seven percent (47%) of that homeless population was unsheltered, living on the street, or in parks, tents, vehicles, or other places not meant for human habitation.

Crime, Hunger & Substance Abuse

Crime, hunger, substance abuse have grown as well.

Our Focus

With 187 Southern Baptist congregations, the Southern Baptist church-to-population ratio in Seattle’s combined statistical area is one church for every 25,798 people. Seattle is known as a city that people move to in order to run away from traditional values. Let’s “run to them” to show and share the Gospel!

Who will we serve in Seattle?

Religious People Groups

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Chuch Planters

Wes Walls | Andrew Arthur

Partner Organization

North American Mission Board

What will we do?

  • Teams will be partnering with the North American Mission Board and the NW Baptist Convention.
  • Teams will be staying in dorms at Seattle Pacific University or hotels.
  • Teams will be transported around the city via public trains, buses, and on foot.
  • Teams will be working with church planters in various projects to move their ministries forward and share the Gospel.
  • Students will be working and having conversations with people in parks, ministering to the homeless, working in schools, setting up for church services and events, college campus ministry, doing creative outreach experiences, etc.
  • The group will have a fun day exploring the city.

How to pray:

  • Pray for safety as we travel and work.
  • Pray for our team to work well together.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of the people in Seattle to receive the Good News.
  • Pray for boldness for myself and my team members as we share the saving power of the Gospel.
  • Pray for opportunities and wisdom to share the Gospel in a way that focuses on a real relationship with Jesus, not just religion.
  • Pray that the people of Seattle would realize their need for a savior and come to faith in Jesus.
  • Pray for the church planters that we’ll be working with. Pray that they would be encouraged, equipped, resourced, and be given open doors to reach the people of Seattle. Pray they would remember they are not alone in this mission